How To Share Folders On Network in windows 8

To share folders on network has made work easy for whom who are working in Group. But at first you have to check same workgroup name in your windows 8 via below tips.

First process 

How to check workgroup name in windows 8 or 7 computer?

  • Press shortcut (window key + Pause/Break) to start computer properties.
  • Scroll your mouse at the midst screens under computer properties and verify workgroup name from this part- Computer name ………. settings. 

Workgroup – WORKGROUP

windows 8 properties
Important tips-
Same workgroup name should be viewed  in windows 8 otherwise you can’t make  network connection ahead.
Second Process -
You have to confirm that your windows 8 computer has been logged with administrator rights account before launch the process of sharing files and folders. In this post, you will know how to share folders on the network. As soon as folder sharing will be completed then you can simply transfer files among the network computer and share folders.

How to make Share folders, computer drives or user profiles in window 8?

If you would like to start process of sharing in the windows 8 computer then

  • Press right click on the opted folders or drives and Select properties menu from right context menu.
windows 8 folder properties
  • In properties tab, click on the Sharing tab at the top side. Then next dialog box (folder properties) comes.
windows 8 folder sharing button
  •  you have to click on the share button from next dialog box. it brings file sharing window.
windows 8 folder share button
  • Now choose Everyone from drop-down lists and hit on the Add button. It will add Everyone group in file sharing list.
window 8 file sharing process
  • Now you have to modify settings in the folder permission level. So right click on the Everyone option including Read option pull down button.
  • Choose Read/Write from right context menu.
windows 8 file sharing permission
  • Once you do, hit share button at the bottom to allow share the folder on the network.
windows 8 sharing folder complete
As a result you have done successfully. Now you can access recent shared folder on the network connected from another computer.
What is user profiles in windows 8 ?
Actually user profiles folders is recognized as documents including folders, Music folders, Pictures folders, Downloads folders in windows 8.

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  1. Ihave win8 on my pc and wi7 on my vmware
    h want to share my drive and folder between 2 windows and i can see my sharing on my vmware win7 but i have problem when i click on my network win8 and it is about my permision on my pc win8,help me plz

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