How to Uninstall Windows 8 from Dual Boot in PC, Laptop

Act of Installing or Uninstalling Software is something that average user looking for. While talking turns into Installation or Uninstallation of Windows 8, then it becomes a major issue for common users. In the earlier article, we have discussed how to install Windows 8 in your system? Therefore,  lone issue of Uninstallation of Windows 8 left for address. When questions raise like that what is the best way to safely remove  windows 8 from your dual loaded Operating system ( Both Operating Systems windows 7 and windows 8). As you know better that Microsoft has published windows 8 beta version. The original version of windows 8 in different editions will be released at the end of October 2012.
But if you have decided to remove windows 8 beta version from your dual booting, you may follow the steps we are providing to Uninstall Windows 8 from Dual Boot.


windows 8 dual booting startup

How to Uninstall Windows 8 from Dual Boot in PC, Laptop

First method –

Choose default Operating system in your computer

  • At first, start windows 7 in your computer.  Type following commands in the Search box in start button – Advance System Settings.
windows 8 advance system settings
  •  Choose this options in the drop down list View advance System Settings and click it.
  •  A new dialog box including multiple menus is open. In this, System properties is appearing  in front of you.
  • Click on Advanced at the top sides and click on the settings button in Startup and Recovery section
windows 8 advance setting
  •  Just new tab rename Startup and Recovery displays. Here, you have to choose default Operating system windows 7 in the drop down list. Finally, click OK button.
windows 8 default

Removing windows 8 from dual booting in your computer

  •  Open Disk Management tools by this process – Go to the Search box and type Disk.
windows 8 disk management
  • Click option in search list – Create and Format hard Disk Partitions.
  • Now Disk Management window will be displayed.  Here, you will find windows 8 partition. Remove it via right-click.
windows 8 delete partition to Uninstall Windows 8 from Dual Boot
  • Restart your computer. After all, windows 8 will be erased safely without losing any files in windows 7.

Now you have to follow this process to finish work – 

  • At first, start windows 7 in your computer.
  • Type msconfig in the search box of Start button and click it .
windows 8 command
  • A new window is displayed naming System configuration.
  • click on Boot tab.
windows 8 system configuration
  • In Boot tab, choose windows 8 that is showing like a default.
  • Click windows 8 and press Delete button.
windows 8 remove
  • Now Click on OK button at the bottom and close current window.

Thus, windows 8 would be shortly vanished from computer.

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