How to Pay PSPCL Bill online

Use of Online Payment System of utility bills saves our precious time. Because in traditional method of payment of bills is very difficult, in this offline method customers have to go to the billing counter of relevant office and stand in a long line and wait for paying bills. It is very tough work.

But nowadays it has been very easy and comfortable. With the help of internet, utility bill can be paid from anywhere and anytime. This method is online payment system. In this method it is not needed to reach at the office. you can make online payment from your home.

Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) has also offered online payment facility to its consumer.  Consumers of Electricity in Punjab (PSPCL) can pay their  bills using their Internet banking, debit or credit card facility. To make payment in PSPCL through this system one should follow the tips as written underneath.

How to pay Electricity bill online in PSPCL

1. Firstly, go on online payment page of official website of PSPCL through the link given below

After pressing the above link, a page will be shown like this —

pcple online payment

Here, you have to click on online payment option . After pressing this option, a page will be display on the screen like this —

pay pspcl bill online

2.  At this page insert your  Electricity consumer account number and press on Add for making  online payment.

3. Now enter your account number and proceed. Here, you can view your  electricity billing account details. click on ‘Pay Now’ for payment.

4. After this step you have to fill your Bank account details as for credit card type, number and Name and follow the steps as given there.

5.  Now you can see your payment details. you can print this for further use and record.

Any enquiry related to online electricity bill payment can be known through email id —

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26 thoughts on “How to Pay PSPCL Bill online

  1. account no mentioned in elec bill is of 10 digits where in for online payments it require 12 digits. I have tried adding two zeroes but still it gives invalid account number. Pls clarify

  2. only ten digit of account no on bill but net reccurd 12 digit please solve my problem

  3. For Account Numbers Z33,Z37,Z75,R15,T42,Y21,F45,P11,P12,P13,P15,P16,P17,P18,G43,G44 Please Pay at SAP Portal –> Consumer Services –> SAP Portal. Any Problem regarding this, Please Contact at: 7589519389,7589519556,7589512846,7589509743.

  4. You can check for the SAP Portal links. I am Mohali so for me page is where i pay my bills online.

  5. For making on line payment i am asked to quote 12digit Acc. No. As printed on my bill,where as on bill only 10 digit Acct. No. Is given,hence transaction is not being processed.Pl advise correct Acct No. To be details are
    Consumer no. Z37UF820577y 3000206226
    Shall be grateful for reply on my mail to enable me to mKe online payment'

  6. Any extra charges if i use online bill pay System

  7. surinder pal singh says:

    how to pay pspcl bill through net banking.only payment through credit card is mentioned

  8. Anshul Sharma says:

    Pls help me for make online payment of electricity bill. Only 10 digits account no. printed on bill. but computer require 12 digits account no.

  9. My act no. Is only of 10 digits but needed 12digit no. So ply help me in getting the correct act no.

  10. I tried many times to use this site but it always says invalid a/c no. And if I use 10 digit a/c no. then it says a/c no. should not be less than 12 digits. If I use 00 before the a/c no. its shows invalid. What a rubbish site this is, complete waste of time.

  11. BBBAL KRISHAN says:

    Whereas system demands a/c no. of 12 digits, there is no a/c no. printed on the bill itself. There is only 10 digits CONTRACT Account no. and 12 digits CONSUMER NO. printed on the bill. This is quite rubbish.

    • Hey Kanwal,

      I tried on this link. But facing one issue.

      I got a bill of Rs. 3500. But when I fill my Contract no. the link you mentioned I get the details as name of the person owning bill correctly but it shows me an amount of Rs. 0.

      Any suggestions.

    • I hve only consumer number but i don’t have contract account number.
      How can i get my account numbr

  12. account no. mentioned in electricity bill is of 10 digits whereas in for online payments it require 12 digits. I have tried adding two zeroes but still it gives invalid account number. Pls clarify

  13. ssurinder singh says:

    Keep on trying adding two zero before your account number some time you will succed but not always.It is pspcl

  14. E payment through these sources is proving a hectic problem, got totally exhausted, at first downloaded the app then it suggested to pay through sap portal, I tried that too but all in vein then in last tried to call the nos given and they doesn’t exists….eeeeyakkkkkk… Will do it in traditional way… Is desh ka kuch nai ho skta….

  15. i will pay bill threw
    but i Not Received Payment Receipt
    what can i do? kindly help me…

  16. How i pay bill bcoz in bill contract no is 10 digit and requires 12 digit account no plz reply

  17. i will pay bill threw on line
    but i Not Received Payment Receipt
    what can i do? kindly help me…
    my a/c no.E31FO040002M


  19. Rakesh Mehra says:

    How to view / download electricity bills from SAP portal?

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