Transfer Money from SBI Account without Getting High Security Password

Online money transfer is an essential exercise for most of the people nowadays. Internet banking has eased our life by providing the facility of online money transfer. Within every transaction, we get a message alert to our registered mobile. This is High Security One Time Password (OTP) and is very important for the security of our account. Every time you write the password in the box and approve. But, sometimes we get annoyed when we get an alert message for our small amount transferring time and again. So people who often make small transfers might want to close the message alert. State Bank of India (SBI) is one of the prominent Bank in India today and have the maximum number of customers. So, we would like to present here tips to disable the SMS alert for small transactions through SBI.

How to make Transaction through SBI without Getting SMS Alert

1. Login to your SBI Account with username and password.

2. Click on Profile Menu.

3. You will get few options. Click on High Security Options.

4. Now you will have to login her with profile password. Enter your profile password and login.

5. You will get options for setting One Time High Security Password (OTP)

sbi one time password settings

6. The first option is to set one-time high-security password for the inter-bank beneficiary or intra-bank beneficiary transfer as well as Credit Card beneficiary transfer or international fund transfer. Using these settings you can set message alert for different transactions. If you want to transfer money without getting a high-security password you will have to check the option No. After checking the No option, you will be got rid of these annoying SMS you get every time after making money transfer. Finally, click on Submit Button.

Here, few other options are available and you can set one-time password option according to your need. You can disable High Security password for merchant payment by checking No option. You can also enable or disable these passwords for IRCTC Transactions. You can change the mode of getting OTP from SMS to Voice Call.

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8 thoughts on “Transfer Money from SBI Account without Getting High Security Password

  1. i forgot my sbi debit card online, one time password,how can i get or reset OTP again,,plz mail me snd sms 9634710891,,i m faced dis

  2. Taranjeet Singh says:

    It is already set to NO but I am still getting OTP. Is anyone else facing this issue as well?

  3. seiminchon misao says:

    Sir, I ‘m a Customer of SBI and have registered for Online Internet banking too.But on every Online transactions,payments,recharges,etc, HIGH SECURITY PASSWORD or an OTP is required for any transactions,recharges,etc.I contacted the Branch but got no response.Therefore,I request you to help me on the ways or means,on how to secure the high security password..My Accnt No-31277961571..please suggest

  4. I did the process, as described above, but repeatedly getting the same demand for OTP again & again.
    I am here in The US, and can’t make payments for my Other Bank’s Credit Card.
    Could I have some email address from a SBI Back Office support Team, Please. Thanks in advance!!!

  5. Hi,
    Hi All,

    I have a SBI Account in India, Now im in Abroad…Due to some reasons my registered Indian mobile number was deactivated. Now i want to include my Singapore Mobile Number for OTP…Is it possible to update the foreign Mobile Number.

    Quick reply is much appreciated.

    Thanks and Regards,

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