4 Best Password Managers for Android You Should Use

Password management is probably one of the fields where every one of us fails. The passwords we use are very weak which can be easily predictable by anyone or the passwords remain same for every site. In these cases, if the password from one of the website gets stolen or any account is hacked, then all other accounts also get into a great risk. These are where the work of Password managers comes. They store the passwords very securely in the encrypted form and these have the advantages of being used over multiple platforms.
Without manual typing, the logging is possible in the websites and it is very safe. This article is the compilation for the best Android password managers which store passwords.

password manager for android

4 Best Password Managers for Android

1. LastPass Password Mgr Premium: Dealing with this software is very easy and the working is very crisp. This is the most probable reason it is so popular. It synchronizes all the passwords across all the devices and websites very securely. The built-in password automatically fills in the information from the previous saves and securely shows them when the next login is made. It charges through and the charges are around 1$ per month.

2. KeePassDroid:  It has proved its worth in the use in the Android market and has made its presence felt. It does the implementation of the KeePass Password Safe. The convenience and the security of the Windows app come lively on Android.

3. Keeper Password & Data Vault: The easily manageable app and very secure. It manages all the private information from all the Android devices, tablets, mobile phones and PCs and even from the regular internet usage. All the favorites and web browser history are stored securely. It makes the login possible from anywhere and very smoothly creates sync between all the devices.

4. mSecure-Password Manager: The ardent fanship of this software is increasing and has reached a remarkable mark of 1 million users worldwide. The services provided are the best and very trusted and convenient for use. The account numbers, usernames, password and other delicate information is secured by Ultra-Secure 256 bit blowfish encryption. It even supports syncing data over online services such as the Dropbox over the laptop and all other devices.

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