How to Send New Year Greets Automatic at desired Time Using Gmail

At present, you are in mood to celebrate New Year 2013 in grand style. Nowadays, greeting friends and family members through email or phones on the eve of New Year has become style statement of people. A few of them like to greet their friends and relatives at the eleventh hour (exact timing of new year arrival). Unfortunately, their execution could not take place in proper instance.

While switching tool like ‘Boomerang’ on Gmail platform, you will be able to send New Year Greets automatically to dear one in specific time. Boomerang is simply outstanding in execution of sending email automatically for specific time. You may install particular tool on most popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Just proceed as I suggest below and send automated email greetings to your friends and relatives on specific time.

  • At first install Boomerang extension / plug-in on either Chrome or Firefox browser.
  • Then log in to your existing Gmail account. While log-in is made with Gmail account, you will be able to see Boomerang application has been inducted into Gmail environment.
  • ┬áNow click on compose button, enter email address of friends and Family members and add your wishes in text messaging box.
  • After writing messages click on Boomerang this check box and put specific time to deliver these greets.
  • At last click on Send Later button.
These are collective steps to apply on Gmail account for sending greetings automatically on eleventh hour.

Download Boomerang (Firefox / Chrome Extension)

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