5 Powerful Free tools for Online Writers

Writing online has become a very important part to some of the people. Those who write well are paid a handsome amount. All we know that competition is steadily growing fierce whenever it comes to writing a new article on a website. Many People think that Content is everything. However, it is the great content which matters the most. Here in this article, I am going to write about 5 powerful tools for online writers proving as the powerful.

1. Word Counter

tool for online writers

Word Counter is a word and character counting tool. Often when writers start writing on a text, they overuse some of the words continuously and are not even aware of that. Writing the same word, again and again, makes an article look dull. This tool will tell you the words you have written most of the times. You can use this tool to find those words and some of the keywords from the document. It is useful for writers, students as well as for editors. It is a completely free tool.

There is a box provided where you can write down article. This tool will count the total words and characters. This tool also provides you a special feature where you don’t have to write the article directly on the document. You can just simply copy and paste your article in this document. This tool will take care of the rest things. It works similarly for this kind of cut and paste too.

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2. Scrivener

Scrivener is a very powerful tool for writers these days. It lets you write down even long and difficult document in a comfortable manner. It helps in composing, structuring and formatting. It also helps in focusing on the document to write in a very beautiful way. This tool helps in organizing and brainstorm even the most complex writing project which could bring your research together more effectively.

This tool is used by almost all the editors, professionals and others. It suits students, novelist, academicians as well. This is really a nice app for those who work on long and tedious writing projects.

How to write, structure and revise using this app

Once you have opened this tool on your laptop after downloading, you will find that it contains almost all the necessary things which are relevant to writing documents. The Binder is present at the left side of this tool to help you in navigating between the different parts of your documents without any discomfort. You can write the whole document in small groups and then you could merge them using Drag and Drop. A toolbar is available at the top of this tool to helps you in alignment, adding tables, bullet points, and many other remarkable features. It does all the above things automatically too once it is set allowing you to give your attention on writing words. It takes care of the presentation of document itself.

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3. Readability

This is a fantastic tool allowing you to read any web page comfortably. It works on your computer, tablet, and smartphone. It helps in creating a clean view of any web page by removing all the clutter from it which gives you a simple, easy to read the document which can be saved then on your laptop, iPhone etc. The tool is also available as an extension for Mozilla Firefox.

Note: It is not a writing tool but just a reading tool.

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4. Synchroedit

Synchroedit is a very useful Tool which allows writers and his friend to write simultaneously. There is no need of transferring a file from you to your colleague or vice versa so that you could both work on the same file. This tool also removes the problem of overwriting others written document accidentally. Here, you could also different formatting and alignment styles too. It allows more than two users too to edit a single web-based document at the same time. Synchroedit automatically synchronizes the document according to the latest made edit so that each user gets the latest version of the document. The editor of this app is fully WYSIWYG.

Along with the above mentioned things supported by this tool it also supports a small but cool editor which is based on only texts. The editor window consists of all the online users who are working on a document. Once any user changes anything on the editor, it is shown to other writers by changing the color where the user is making the change.

This tool is used for different types of writing. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Collaborative Editing: Used by two or more people to change a document at the same time.
  2. Teleconferencing Notes: It is about writing the call which has been done by the members during a teleconference.
  3. Wiki Editing: It is about editing certain famous topics on the wiki-page.
  4. Teaching Aids: It is about two or more teachers teaching the same course to their students. Thus they can use it provide lecture materials, announcements, and other things together.
  5. Documentation Writing: This tool is used by authors to write on a certain document which might be based on some specific topic.

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5. Google Keyword Tool

Using this Tool, a writer will come to know about the various keywords. It is used when you are going to write a long word in your article. Here, using this tool you won’t have to search the word in the Google before writing. However, there is a little complication involved here in this tool and i.e. you need to have a Google account and have it opened while writing an article.

If you are impressed with the ease provided above, you can have the access to this tool by just following the below mentioned steps. Note that it is a little hard to find without any proper guidance.

  • At first, go to the Google AdWords page and hover your cursor over the green tools menu.
  • After then, go to the menu options and select Keyword Tools here.
  • Now, press your desired keyword and search it.

After pressing the search option, you will find numerous keywords that are being searched before. You can also find here the number of users finding it on world level or a number of users searching for the same option on local basis. Knowing these statistics you can choose the word, depending upon the article whether you are writing for a small advertising site or a big famous website.

There is a special feature of searching keywords using volume and competition in this tool. There is basically three subdivision of Competition which is mentioned below:

  1. High 
  2. Medium
  3. Low

Competition mainly depends upon the keywords searched by a specific user and the keywords found matched against them. If keywords matched in a larger number, competition is said to be High and in the similar way other competitions are also classified. The above mentioned competition is very effective when you are searching for keywords to write your article like: if you are willing to reach your article to a large section of readers, you would go for the Low and Medium Competition.

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