How to Access WiFi in Airplane Mode On Windows 10

How to Access WiFi in Airplane Mode On Windows 10 – Some Aviation services offer to share internet data via Wireless network these days but this is conditional and the condition is you must keep your device in Flight mode. If you bear Windows 10 laptop or tablet then you can turn on WiFi pretty simply in 2-3 steps furthermore maintaining the Airplane mode in the devices.  However, if any difficulty arises and you get confused about How to Access WiFi in Airplane Mode on Windows 10 read the subsequent few paragraphs.

How to Access WiFi in Airplane Mode On Windows 10

Way 1 – Through Settings Program

  • Launch “Start Menu” on your screen, and thereupon hit or tap the third last entry “Settings”, the gear symbol.
Gear Settings symbol Network & Internet block
  • The left flank will showcase many segments, click the second one “Airplane mode”.
Settings Airplane mode
  • Look at the opposite side and you can see a title of “Airplane mode” and toggle the switch of “Turn this on to stop all wireless communication” to “On”.
Turn On Airplane mode
  • You will see another title called “Wireless devices” and both the options of “WiFi” and “Bluetooth” will be turned “Off”.
  • So, simply use the slider of “WiFi” and toggle it to “On” position.
Wireless devices WiFi
  • Once this is done, click the first segment of “WiFi” on the left flank.
Settings WiFi
  • The “wireless networks” that come within the range will be displayed, click on the one that you would like your PC to get connected with.
Wireless networks

Way 2 – By Means of Action Center

  • On the system tray, perform a hit on “Notification” symbol, the one that is visible in the far right corner of the taskbar.
Notifications symbol
  • If you cannot see the blocks of all the functionalities in the emerged “Action Center”, click on “Expand”, the one with upward arrow associated on its side.
Expand button
  • Now, do a click on “Airplane” block and within a moment, all the wave fetching functionalities will be disabled, including the “WiFi”.
Airplane mode block
  • In the “system tray” in place of the “network” symbol you will witness an “airplane” symbol and to access the WiFi, you need to click or tap on that very “Airplane” symbol.
Airplane symbol on taskbar
  • A tiny network pop up will emerge with two blocks displaying, click on “Wifi”.
WiFi block
  • Now, the network pop up will be observable in full length and it will showcase you the available wireless networks.
How to Access WiFi in Airplane Mode On Windows 10
  • So, you can now pick up the required network and go on accessing the WiFi.

Whenever you are out with your Windows 10 gadget (laptop or tablet), you prefer to activate the Airplane service in order to deactivate all the waves conducting functionalities. But turning on the WiFi option is possible and you can enjoy the benefit of the available wireless connections without any fuss.

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  1. Just press the button following the F12 button(between the F12 and the print screen buttons),which has like an antenna on it. In my case,it worked like magic 🙂 I got rid of the airplane mode instantly and automatically switched to wifi mode.

  2. Hey Timothy, Follow this guide How to Fix Airplane Mode Issues in Windows 10.

  3. Timothy Shively


    Is it possible to completely disable airplane mode in windows 10?
    I tried all of the above (nothing worked) and finally had to recovery the computer.
    Is there a registry setting that can be change to disable the airplane option.
    I will never use the airplane mode and do not want to get stuck in it again. Recovery has cost me 22 hours to reinstall all MY STUFF.