Android and iOS Apps for Music Beginners and Download link

Android and iOS Apps for Learning Music For Beginners – – The Android and the iOS devices are best suited for any beginner’s purposes as they provide ample knowledge and practice in any field. And for music, there is no match for these apps. Even an amateur pianist can excel the instrument without the need of a human tutor. So, without much time waste, let us dive deep into these apps:

(Android) My Piano Assistant:

For all those avid piano amateurish waiting to excel the instrument, this is a must have app. It is a program designed to be run on Android platforms. The scales and chords are the best explained by providing the right information about them.

It is a touch-screen application which produces music once a key is touched. The best feature of this app being the studio based sound. The played music can even be recorded. Many notes and suggestions which are formula based are provided for a particular cord and even there locations are also detected. Importing the saved music files is another good feature. The integrated recorder gives permission of recording the user’s voice.

This application can be worked upon on both landscape and portrait modes and any screen size. Android version 1.5 and above best supports this application and it can be downloaded from Google Play. It is the best learning kit not only for pianists who want perfection in their work but also for a newbie.
my piano assistant app
Download My Piano Assistant App
Android Drum Kit:

The only problem of a drummer is buying the Drum sets which cost a fortune but this app removes this problem. It is supported by the Android environment and was developed by Nullap. This application is a multi-touch which provides a great experience of playing the drums by simply tapping them. It can even be customized by the users.

The best feature is the sound of the real drums which gives a very pleasant experience that a real drum is being played.  Drum Editor, Music composer and recorder, cool animations, movable percussions are some of the features. The animation features which move the drum sets on being tapped gives the feel of a real drum.
android drum kit image
(Android)Drum Kit Download link
(iOS)Pocket Shaker
It is designed for the iOS environment and literally turns an iOS device into percussion instrument. The music of the various instruments are mixed a played producing a beautiful percussion music of just shaking the device. The various instruments include Shaker, Cowbell, Tambourine, Conga, Rattle, Bass Drum and others. It is a free application.
pocket shaker drum kit image
(iOS)Pocket Shaker Download Link
Chord! Guitar Chord Finder

The app designers design a particular application keeping the beginners in mind and this app is the best example of this. The app provides the knowledge of all the basic chords with different string combinations and different tuning. The database is filled with entries ranging up to hundreds. The different chords can be created and the device can be played by simply swapping the screen to hear the created chords. The Chords can also be saved in the PDF formats to be shared across the internet. The app is a free one which can be downloaded from Google Play.
guitar chord finder image
Chord! Guitar Chord Finder

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