Anti-Theft Android App NQ Mobile Easy Finder Backups Contacts Remotely

You will discover many tracking based security apps for your Android phone on the Google Play Store. Now a new security app has been added to this range. The name of the app is the NQ Mobile Easy Finder and now available in beta version. This Android app supports excellent job in tracing your lost or stolen Android device to recover. The NQ Mobile Easy Finder app helps you to trace your Android device, clean data stored on it, capture a photo from its camera and email it to you remotely without knowing to others. The app can also back up your contacts on the lost Android phone. You can control the lost Android phone on the web browser by signing up an NQ Mobile account.

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How to use NQ Mobile Easy Finder app on your Android Device?

  • Download the app from below given download link on your Android phone and install it.
  • Launch the app and sign in with your email and password.
  • Activate all NQ Mobile Easy Finder app feature in steps according to given on-screen instructions or its settings interface.
  • Next, enable the preferred Android security settings or protective actions with a PIN or password from the app main screen. These settings make sure that the app alerts you when an intruder attempts to access your Android device illegally and tries to unlock by the incorrect password.
nq mobile easy finder app
  • As soon as all protection actions or settings are configured successfully as you want, the home screen of the app facilitates you to send remote commands from your computer’s web browser for actions like backing up your contacts or tracking your device’s place in map view.
  • To use this action, you need to visit the in internet browser and sign in with your account.
  • The dashboard is also quite easy and allows you to start actions like ringing an alarm loudly on your Android phone, locking the phone, backup contacts remotely.
  • NQ Mobile Easy Finder app can grab a picture of the thief automatically with the front facing camera of your Android phone and send it directly to your email.


Keep in mind that two important features like mobile tracking and data wiping are used only in the paid version of this app. In addition, all other features are available totally free to use.

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