How to be Safe and Private when Chat on 2go Ap

2go is a mobile messenger and the millions of registered users are using it. It is just like a social network and free of cost for every mobile version.With this app, you can chat with friends or family, share pictures or videos. Here we are showing that how can you Chat with friends or family in safe and private mode. Privacy and Protection are very serious problems for users. When you chat on your mobile or PC using 2go or any mobile messenger app anyone could trouble¬†you if you don’t obey safety and privacy measures.

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How to be Safe and Private when Chat on 2go App

  1. Don’t Expose your mobile number means you should chat as a stranger.
  2. Don’t Expose your personal information (Physical address, work address, etc) with strangers.
  3. You can (share profile and picture) with your friend circle.
  4. You must see the preview of someone’s profile before friend request accepted.
  5. If you don’t want to talk with any user then you can block him/her.
  6. Minimum age limits apply to certain chat rooms.
  7. Chat rooms are moderated to monitor.
  8. Chat rooms for younger audiences are censored against profanity.
  9. You can set your nickname different from your username to hide your identity.
  10. When user feels uncomfortable with 2go then minors can submit an abuse report.
  11. Users who break the 2go terms and conditions are banned from the 2go community.
  12. You have to keep mobile number safe in chat rooms.
  13. Don’t share your password of 2go with anyone.

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