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GamingWonderland is a Google Chrome Extension. It has been basically designed for small kids or for those who love playing small but new computer games. All it does is that it adds up a new extension onto your browser. You will be provided a search bar here on this app. Just type the types of game you want to play and it will appear here on this app. GamingWonderland consists of a search box to quickly search for free online games. Learn how to play AOE III here

There are dozens of games out there on GamingWonderland extension which are lovely. However, some of the famous are written below: Free Casino Games and Puzzle or Arcade,  in its bar in your chrome browser. You can search for 300’s of online free games by using this extension which consists of arcades, cards, puzzles, boards, casinos, blackjack, sports, etc. Play for some time with its solo players before coming back onto the field. A screenshot of this app is shown below:

GamingWonderland Chrome

A link has been provided at the last of this article from where you can access this extension.

How to use GamingWonderland Chrome Extension

Go to the link mentioned above and add the GamingWonderland extension on your Google Chrome browser. A new app would be added on to your personal page on this browser. This is an online free game to spend some time on a hardcore game. Playing this gaming app is very easy. You can look out for other similar play games too here on this app. There is only one problem and that is it has been designed for only online users. You won’t access this app if go offline. To add, just click on (+) sign shown on the right hand of its website link. It would be added to your account in a few seconds.

The moment, you add GamingWonderland extension onto your Chrome browser, click on the gaming wonderland extension icon, it will open up a new interface, where you will be provided a search box for searching for new games here. It is the extension bar that appears just below the address bar. This helps a lot while searching for any game here on this extension bar. Keep on searching and you will discover new ones. Playing here is extreme fun as it contains a huge collection of games of different genres. All you have to do is to choose any one of them and start playing the game. Each single game is free and, equally fun and interesting.

The best thing which I like while playing this game is that you won’t need to register there as your Google account is already open and they will link it up. you will definitely like using the extension for finding new online games. It is a great medium to do so. The extension bar contains an option, to find games based on their types/category. If you wish for searching any new element, just drop down the list button of this app and thus you will be provided different types of games. Click on any one of them and start playing it.

Key features of GamingWonderland Extension

  1. A completely free extension
  2. Find 100’s of games here
  3. Over 300 free games to play
  4. Also consists of flash based games
  5. Search box to quickly find online games
  6. Gives search suggestions
  7. Option to enable or disable the extension

My Note

GamingWonderland, is a very nice Google Chrome extension. There are 100’s of games provided here on this app and that too for completely free. This app provides you the ultimate game feeling. Search this app and find out the one which suits you the most. Owing to its small size, it wouldn’t take much time. Do comment below if you like any of the games provided here on this extension.

GamingWonderland extension for Chrome

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