How To Make Calls Using Skype Over Mobile Phones

How To Make Calls Using Skype Over Mobile Phones – This century has seen a number of innovations in communication. We moved from passing letters to video conferencing. An era of communication has arisen i.e. through Internet, and it is illustrated by Skype.

Skype is a Microsoft owned, application software that allows us to talk to one another by the means of Internet. It let us call anyone; anywhere over the Internet accessing device; may it be a computer or a Tablet or Smartphones. Over a period of time, it was thought that only people using PCs or Laptops can use Skype for calling. But this is coined by Skype that it can be used with any device. Recently it worked in developing a Skype for mobile app.

How To Make Calls Using Skype Over Mobile Phones

How To Make Calls Using Skype Over Mobile Phones

1. What are the advantages of using Skype?

  • Making video calls within Skype network is free of charge and dynamically fast.
  • Skype can be used in making distant calls to other phones or landlines at low cost.
  • It helps us in making calls from everywhere, as it uses an online debit account which can be accessed through any device.
  • It also hosts a number of other services such as video conferencing, secure data transfer, group chat, call forwarding, call transferring, IM, Caller ID etc.
  • Easily available over all devices, platforms, or any versions.

2. On which platforms Skype is available?

Make Calls Using Skype Over Mobile Phones

All the services of Skype can be used over a mobile phone by installing Skype for mobile app. To use Skype on your phones follow the steps given below:

Installing Skype on your mobile:

1. Using your PC

  • First open your browser and link it to Get Skype on Mobile
  • It opens up a new web page Skype for mobile web page. Here click on Get Skype on your mobile option.
  • This will open a tab asking for your phone number. Kindly input your phone number in the format of your country code followed by your mobile number.
  • You will find an SMS in your mobile with the download link for downloading the app. Just go to the link and your download starts.

2. Using your mobile phone

  • First open your mobile web browser, then go to the address Skype
  • A new web page will open, and there in it will start auto-downloading the Skype app.

Call any Phone or Landline without logging into Skype

Now you could also make calls using Skype To Go Number. You can make calls without installing Skype app; without actually signing into any Skype account. For this follow the tips below:

  • First of all access any device and open Skype to Go number
  • This opens a new web page. Then click on the option Set Up Skype To Go Number.
  • This takes you to Skype login page. Login using your existing Skype account and clicking on the option Sign me in.
  • If you don’t have a Skype account you can log in using your Microsoft or Facebook account, or you could also  make a new account on clicking the option Create An Account and following the succeeding steps.
  • As soon as you log in you will find the desired option, input your country in the option and you are started.

Enjoy calling using Skype!!

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