Youtube tips and tricks for Quick and Exact Video Search

The one thing that makes any product work in the market, is the associated simplicity of it’s usage. Having said that, when we talk of YouTube, the popularity that this site has managed over the years is because of the search engine like simplicity with which it displays videos for almost any topic under the sun. Searching videos on YouTube isn’t difficult by any means, but once the results are displayed, searching for the most relevant of those results gets difficult as there is no limit to the amount of videos available for a certain search term. However, there are some tricks, largely unknown to people, which if applied, get you accurate and to-the-point search results. With the use of a few operators we can narrow our searches on the YouTube to the most relevant. Below are listed some very easy tricks which can do the job for you.

1. Finding Recently Uploaded Videos on a Topic

You might be following a reality show or a news program. Video searches in this case require you to see the latest videos of the latest episodes. Thus, in order to rid yourself of earlier videos that you may have watched, what you can do is…type… ‘Castle, this week’. Thus if you want to see the latest episode of the suspense thriller show Castle or any other show,  just put a comma after the show’s name and type ‘this week’. The results offered are the most current videos related to that show.

2. Finding Official Trailers

Whenever a new movie is to be released, YouTube is flooded by videos of trailers made by fans. Although fan made trailers are interesting to watch, you can get only the official trailer of a certain movie in the search lists if you type as…’iron man 3, partner’. Thus the name of the movie and the word ‘partner’ separated by a comma will get you only official trailers in the search list.

3. Finding a YouTube Channel

You want to watch videos of a certain YouTube channel. In order to search for the channel you may type as…’Warner brothers, channel’. Thus the channel name and the word ‘channel’ separated by a comma will get you into the official channel of the query.

4. Finding HD and 3D Trailers

HD and 3D movies have become quite common nowadays. So it is possible that you may want only HD or 3D trailers for viewing. You can do that by typing the movie’s name and separating the word HD or 3D by a comma as….’life of pi, HD’ or ‘life of pi, 3d.

5. To Find Video Exactly Matching Your Search Term

You may want to view videos whose result title should match exactly your search query. To do that, you may type as, “iPhone 5 official launch ceremony”. Thus using double inverted commas, only proper title match videos are displayed.

6. Finding Lengthy Videos and Movies

In order to search for videos at least 20 minutes long, you can type your search as…’mowgli, long’. The comma followed by the word ‘long’ does the trick. You can also search for full movies on YouTube by typing….’3 idiots, movie’. Here the word movie does the trick.

7. Finding Play-list

You might want to watch many video songs of your favorite artist or band at one go. Here you need to search for play list videos which have multiple videos attached as a play list for consecutive watching. You can search for playlist as…’Michael Jackson, playlist’. Adding the playlist after a comma narrows the search to playlists.

8. Finding a Particular Video, with Multiple Preferences

Finally, you can also search for a video which can be a TV show in HD and also latest and lengthy. Thus you can attach all terms together to get the relevant video as…’castle, HD, this week, long’. You will get video searches that are the latest HD episodes of the show castle and are lengthy videos.
Using these simple tricks you can perform smart searches in YouTube.

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