How to convert images into 3D on your Android devices

3D known as the 3 Dimensional imaging has taken the world by storm when it was invented. It had created a great impact in the fields of films and the other media. The objects on the screens appeared really closer. As the days passed by 3D technology also found its places on new devices. Today 3D has come to television screens, computers and even the mobile phone devices. People now going to theaters to watch 3D movies have become less and other viewing options have taken place. Have you ever tried to create a 3D image or a video? Oh, stereoscopic cameras are not required and this task is also not very difficult to execute. The 3D content can easily be made with an Android device. There are many Android smartphones in the market which have two cameras at the back allows 3D captures, but there are some apps which can be used even on smartphones with normal cameras. This article is the compilation of such apps.

3D Camera

This app really works well with the mobile devices having cameras of resolution 2.1 megapixels and higher. It can be easily downloaded and installed without any hassle. There are several tips provided by the applications which should be read properly before going for the images. Though it gives a good quality 3D image yet it is a no match for the devices with the dedicated 3D cameras. According to the principle 3D images are captured by two cameras separated by a distance at various angles. Therefore you have to move a bit while taking photographs with this camera. With the practice, you will start getting good images. As the phone is not having a 3D screen or the 3D glasses are not available, therefore various methods are used by the app to display the taken images. The video recording is not possible with this app. The online connection is required to get a good quality images and offline gives not so satisfying images.

Make it 3D

The KMP media Player on the desktop has a very good feature of converting the 2D videos to 3D formats where by wearing a red-cyan glass can make you view the 3D content. This app also gives you the same feel on any Android device. There should be two images separated by 1 or 2 centimeters, which can be converted to 3D images and can be viewed with the help of red-cyan glasses. The images created by the free app are of much low quality and it puts a watermark on the stimulated images.

Camera 3D

This app works on a very different concept often quite different from the one discussed above. For taking a 3D image of the object, the object has to be clicked from every angle possible and then after taking the images they can be exported to the GIF image which gives a 3D experience.

Even if these apps give you an experience of 3D but, they are no match to the 3D devices, still they give you a decent experience.

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