How to create Facebook Cover Photo as Windows 8 Start Screen

facebook cover photo creator
Windows 8 comes with Start Screen feature to change complete appearance of desktop screen. Feature of Start Screen is more useful than traditional Start Menu. Nevertheless many users have certain complication about new ‘Start Screen’ attribute.  Assumption of all such users are not up to mark. Certainly after a bit of spent time they also become recognizable to new inclusion. Now to promote ‘Start Screen’ application Microsoft took initiative. It has developed a new Facebook app which produce Facebook cover photo similar to Windows 8 start screen with plenty of tiles and images. Next para will say rest of things about ‘how to create Facebook Cover Page similar to Window 8 Start Screen’.

The app developed by Microsoft is known by ‘Windows 8 Cover photo creator‘. The app connects automatically to your social stream to generate new cover photo. It gives easy and fast service to customize Facebook cover page with many more photo and tiles. If you looking to install ‘Windows 8 Cover Photo Creator‘ follow below link. Once you install this and granting to access your Facebook account; app automatically pick images from friend list and convert these things into start screen like appearance. Here, you may set background color as well as customize all such images as per wish. To get Windows 8 Cover Photo Creator follow beneath link:

Download Windows 8 Cover Photo Creator

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