How to Decrypt WannaCry Ransomware Infected Windows PC

Ways to Decrypt WannaCry Ransomware Infected Windows PC. – WannaCry Ransomware is the talk of the town now as the world suddenly woke up to the news of it infecting the entire IT. All the major software companies got their best brains to get the patches to decrypt the infected Windows PC. In the meantime, we have written an article on this issue – Download TrustlookWannaCryToolkit to Protect WanaCry Ransomware on Windows.

Here in the meantime a French cyber mind, Adrien Guinet takes the credit for finding a way to decrypt WannaCry Ransomware infected Windows PC. As of now the testing process of the tool includes Windows XP only. So, in that case, the tool may work on Windows Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Therefore, presently it will not work for the users of Windows 10 device.

WannaKey and WanaKiwi are the keys that contain the ability decrypt WannaCrypt or WannaCry Ransomware. If all conditions turn out to be fine then these keys encrypt ransomware files after recovering the encryption key of the ransomware.

To know better about how to Decrypt WannaCry Ransomware Infected Windows PC stick to the guide.

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Decrypt WannaCry Ransomware Infected Windows PC


WannaKey actually looks out for the RSA keys of the ransomware in the wcry.exe process. RSA keys are the algorithm that these days PCs use for both encryption and decryption. The wcry.exe process is the process that initiates these RSA keys.

The major challenge that the ransomware does not eradicate the prime numbers from memory prior to liberating the associated memory. Nevertheless, there is a tweak available for such issues. In order to free your device using this tool see that the device is not rebooted after the infection of the virus. You also need to see to it that the associate memory is not indulged in some other process after the ransomware attack.

In this way, the WannaKey tool helps you to decrypt WannaCry Ransomware Infected Windows PC.


WanaKiwi is the other tool from the findings of the cyber brain, Adrien Guinet. This tool is successfully tested on Windows XP, Windows XP as well as Windows 7.

Kindly be very quick to use these tools after the ransomware attack as delay can overwrite the prime numbers.

Once you download the WanaKiwi tool it starts searching for the infected files. Wanakiwi makes new .dky files apart from the ransomware. That is why it is capable of being compatible with the ransomware itself. This key not only finds out the virus but also prevents the WannaCry to encrypt further files.

Winding Up

Thus no one can deny that these keys are not only useful but also very easy to handle. So, use these keys to decrypt WannaCry Ransomware infected Windows PC. This will solve your issue even after the ransomware attack and works as a security measure too.

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