How to Fix Destination Path Too Long Error in Windows 10

Fix Destination Path Too Long Error in Windows 10.

Destination path too long error in Windows 10

A few Windows 10 users meet with Destination path too long error during the phase of moving, abolishing or copying items from a source location to a separate location or drive. Windows OS determines a limit to the number of characters applicable in the path of a file which is 255 in normal circumstances.

When you make an effort to copy a file from the location, the destination path calculated is the sum of characters existing in the source path and File name. And as this number surpasses 255 you confront with Destination path too long hindrance. We are here in this write-up to cover the steps for how to Fix Destination Path Too Long error in Windows 10.

Destination Path Too Long error in Windows 10

The question of validity of destination path arises when either a file is settled in the inner core of a drive or the name of the file is lengthy too much. To take a precautionary measure while writing the name of a file is essential to have a short relevant name and avoid such type of errors.

  • Inspect the folder path and shorten the folder names which will reduce the path name.
  • Another interesting point that most of us miss out is when we save an item is its real path which is, of course, a long one. So, when the path becomes longer than assumed to be, the suggested way is to substitute the file path with any drive letter of your choice with the aid of Command Prompt.
  • Therefore, using Win+X keys bring the bar and proceed ahead by electing Command Prompt.
  • When it is opened, go ahead with this command –
subst V: “C:\Users\sauja\Desktop\AnExampleOfLongAndUniqueNameForTheFileWhichIsLocatedOnDesktopForCopyingToAnotherSecuredPlace"

where –

subst serves substitute command

Z represents drive letter of your preference

C:\Users\sauja\Desktop\AnExampleOfLongAndUniqueNameForTheFileWhichIsLocatedOnDesktopForCopyingToAnotherSecuredPlace represents the file path that needs to shorten in order to copy the data from the folder.

  • After the command is carried out, navigate to This PC and look for a temporary drive letter like Z in the above instance. Enter the drive to copy its data.

Note: In order to clear away that provisionally set up drive letter from This PC, employ the command subst Z: /d in Command Prompt and soon that drive will be wiped off.

Indications of Path Length Causing Error Notes

  • The first reason is definitely the similar types of error notes that are mentioned above.
  • Other times you will be greeted with a text Cannot Copy.
  • In some instances, the files will not operate accurately and will not show up any error notes and instead will open and shut in a flash.
  • Moreover, the context menu options get limited in such files.

Hence, whenever you see the error note Destination Path Too Long blocking the process of copying, moving or removing files, either cut down the folder’s name if it is stored deeply or assign a drive letter to the entire path to avoid the question the validity of the path.

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