Galaxy S3 I9300 How to update XXUFMB3 Android 4.2.1 firmware

The latest XXUFMB3 Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean firmware is present for the Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 model. Although it is test firmware and the main purpose behind it to aware of all features. Keep in mind that this is not authorized firmware by Samsung which indicates any Galaxy S3 I9300 user can install this on their devices with the simple process.

Android 4.2.1 XXUFMB3 Firmware description

Release Date – 19th February 2013

Android Version – 4.2.1 Jelly Bean



Region – Middle East

samsung galaxy s3 I9300


  • This XXUFMB3 firmware is only for Galaxy S3 I9300 model. So don’t install it on any other similar Galaxy device.
  • Howto-connect have described XXUFMB3 firmware installation tips after testing all necessary points. We will not be liable to raise any complaints if your devices become dead during the update process or after. So, proceed every tips at your own individual risk.

Ensure to following essential points before starting firmware update action  

  • Download and install galaxy USB driver to your computer.
  • Backup the entire useful data (contacts, SMS, photos, videos or audio files), installed apps, settings, and others to SD card. A backup process can be done also through Samsung KIES tools to your computer hard disk.
  • Activate USB debugging mode on your Galaxy device.
  • The battery of Galaxy I9300 model should be completely charged up to 100% battery power.

Check out the below given step-by-step instructions about firmware update process

Step 1

Download Android 4.2.1 I9300XXUFMB3 firmware in ZIP files and extract it to your computer.

Download ODIN v1.85 tool to your computer.

Step 2

Power off the Galaxy S3 I9300 Android device and start it into download mode. To do so, press and hold the Volume Down + Home buttons at the same time and then press the Power button.  As a result, you will get a new screen with Android robot logo and a triangle sign. Then press Power button again to switch into download mode.

Step 3

Launch ODIN tool on your computer. In download mode, plug the USB cable to USB port of the computer and to the Galaxy device.

Step 4

If your Galaxy device is connected fine after some minutes then ID: COM boxes in the ODIN window will convert into yellow and display connected COM port number.

Step 5

Now select the following flash files from the extracted files of earlier downloaded firmware.

  • Click on ‘PDA and select same file with CODE titled extension.
  • Click on Phone and select same file with ‘MODEM titled extension. You can deny this step if it is not available.
  • Click on CSC and select same file with CSC titled extension. You can ignore this step if it is absent.
  • Click on PIT and select the .pit file. Deny this step if there is no similar file.

Step 6

In ODIN window, check both options – Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time.

Step 7

Now click on the Start button in ODIN to begin the process of the firmware update. This process takes about 20-25 minutes to finish.

Step 8

Once the installation process is finished, your Galaxy device will reboot. Next, a home screen will boot about 5 minutes and disconnect the USB cable from the computer. Thanks to your patience, your Samsung Galaxy S III I9300 device is ready to work with Android 4.2.1 supported XXUFMB3 update firmware.

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