Galaxy Star Pro GT-S7262 Potential Problems and Solutions

If you have Galaxy Star Pro GT-S7262 you might have faced problems like your device is not turning on,  touch screen is responding slowly, device freezes or is  showing fatal error, camera is showing error, device is not being pairing using Bluetooth, Tethering, and portable Hotspot is not working properly then you start to operate your device to find the actual problem and do more harm than ever. Finally, the solution is found in the service center the travel desperates the owner of the device. If warranty period is over these problems devour a vital part of money as well as precious time of yours. Here we are discussing on Galaxy Star Pro GT-S7262 Potential Problems and Solutions which will lead to get the real solution.

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Galaxy Star Pro GT-S7262 Potential Problems and Solutions

Galaxy Star Pro Minute but important Points

  • Passwords: If your password lock features is enabled then you must enter your first type password as you set for your device.
  • PIN: It is necessary what your PIN is, and you must enter the first PIN bestowed with the SIM or USIM Card.
  • PUK: If you type wrong PIN then SIM or USIM is blocked the device requires PUK, and in this situation you have to Call your Customer Care.
  • PIN 2: This is same as PIN as above, In this you have to enter PIN 2 as requires in your device.

Galaxy Star Pro Doesn’t Turn On

  • This Problem occurs when your mobile battery is in depth means completely discharge, so you have to charge this device battery.
  •  Insert your Device battery properly.
  • Insert Your Battery before wipe gold-colored contacts.

Galaxy Star Pro GT-S7262 Potential Problems and Solutions

Galaxy Star Pro Touchscreen Responds Slowly

  • If you stick a protective layer or other optional accessories on the touch screen when your touchscreen doesn’t work correctly..
  • Another way if you wear mitt or your fingers are not clean then your touch screen doesn’t work correctly.
  • The solution of this trouble is to restart your device to clear any type of software bug, and you have to make sure that your device software is upgraded to the latest version.

Galaxy Star Pro Freezes or Shows Fatal Errors

If your device freezes or hangs then you have to close or shut down the device with reinserting the battery and turning on the device. If your problem is not solved by this method you can follow given step:

Firstly You have to backup copies of all the significant data stored in the device then open your Setting>Backup and reset>Factory data reset>Reset Device>Erase everything

If your Device’s Hanging problem is not solved by the above step then you must contact Samsung Service Provider.

Galaxy Star Pro Error Message Appears when launching the Camera

You have to charge the battery or replace it when battery  is not getting charged enough because it is old, or Free some memory by transferring and deleting files from your device. After doing this work if your camera application is not responding properly then you must contact with Samsung service Provider.

Galaxy Star Pro Bluetooth Device Doesn’t Show Another Bluetooth Device

Connection is not established when you connect the Galaxy Star Pro to a computer

  • Ensure that USB cable is suitable for your device.
  • You have to install the proper driver and update it if available.
  • Ensure that if you are running windows XP on your PC it is Windows XP service Pack 3.
  • You must have installed  Samsung Kies or Windows Media Player 10.

Galaxy Star Pro Data Stored on the device has been lost

You have to backup copies of all vital data stored on your device, it helps you to restore your data otherwise Samsung is not accountable for the loss of data.

Advantage of Wifi of Galaxy Star Pro

Firstly activate the Wifi features to connect with WiFi network and access the Internet or other network device.

  • Advanced:You can customize Wi-Fi settings.
  • WPS push button: By this option you can connect to secured WiFi network with WPS button.
  • WPS PIN  Entry: When you connect to secured Wi-Fi network then you have to enter the WPS PIN.

Features of Tethering and portable Hotspot:

  • Portable WiFi hotspot:  It helps you to share the device’s mobile network connection with computers or other devices through the WiFi  networks.
  • USB tethering: you can also share the device’s mobile network connection with a PC Via USB. This is also known as wireless modem when you connect with USB Tethering.

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  2. Take the device to the authorized service center.



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    android system deleted

  13. My android system deleted

  14. my galaxy star pro s7262 fully charged don’t work the mobile 6 hrs or 7 hrs. but change is 40% discharging (automatically).
    NOTE: don’t process on background application.
    please sir solve the my mobile problem

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    Samsung GT-S7262 automatically off. Please solve this problem

  16. Balwinder singh


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    My mobile samsung gts7262 is automatic switch off and auto reset …kindly help me and provide best solution

  18. Mukesh mishra


    Warning camera failed why

  19. unfortunately settings has stopped samsung gt s7262′
    how to solve it?

  20. Carry your Mobile to service center first.

  21. My star pro mobile battery was always shut down when connect charger its shows battery full when mobile data is on it will power off what i do

  22. Download this app from play store to remove

  23. Gt s7262 doesn’t have such provision to drag the app to the trash for inbuilt apps that come with the phone… how do I remove those apps like hangout, chaton that comes with the phone.

  24. Press the app icon and hold it. drag it to Remove or Trash can and release.

  25. Samsung star pro doesn’t catch network from last 1month

  26. How to uninstall unuseful app… can u please help me out here

  27. I faced the problem for Mobile network disconnect often, we are going to manual search network it through an error message as ” not registered on your network”. But if i put it my SIM in anyone mobile, SIM working fine. How to resolve this? Give me the suitable solution.

  28. i can’t get 3g network

  29. my mob is automatically shut down and start only show the black screen

  30. automatically start and stop and its continue while battry going to empty
    plz tell me what can i do

  31. i cant turn on wifi and blutooth of my galaxy star pro gt7262 please help me to resolve it..

  32. Go to service center and get the battery of your mobile checked.

  33. my sm gt7262 is heat problem and i m using charging than mobile extra heat..and mobile is very very hot..
    pls do reply

  34. my mobile getting full slow what will i do now

  35. when I insert battery phone automatically turns on and off in samsung star pro what will be the problem.

  36. Is you Samsung mobile battery charged above the low level.

  37. In samsung s7262 camera is not open .how to slove it.pls give me reply

  38. Delete unuseful apps.

  39. my star pro s7262 is hanging and only 430 mb RAM

  40. i hve prblm.. if try to access playstore its ask google, i hve googgle accnt but its suddenly askwifi and wifi ssid, actually i amusing mobile dat…

  41. when i restart my ( samsung star pro ) mobile…. the network goes off… and the network becomes available only after 4-5 hourss…

    why thiss occurss??

  42. When trying to open network modes by dialing *#&#4636#*#* , it doesn’t shows anything in S7252. help me sir

  43. the same prblm suffering my phone…what is the solution ?

  44. This is an LCD Problem. Contact service center.

  45. shaikh abrar


    my GT s7262 >after i switch it on theres appear logo of samsung {whih states that phone swithcing on} but that time logo dissappears slowly and the screen turns into white colour and then it is only white screen nothing is immmpossible to see…

    please help me fast

  46. my Samsung s7262
    RAM only 426mb how to install 512mb

  47. What is the situation of network in your area.

  48. my samsung galaxy pro’s network gone after restart & come after 5/6 hours

  49. Uninstall extra apps and files from your mobile.


  51. how is it possible???

  52. why my phone is automaticaly restart..??

  53. mobile vere slow warking

  54. You should check for virus in your Phone.

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    samsung galaxy star pro internet and facebook access problem proxy server

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    my mobile sims are no service .body is heating
    please solve my probulam

  58. my star pro’s ram is 512mb, but it now stay to solve it???

  59. many problem with this device..battery backup is very less, always use to hang, can’t even type due to this and also can’t recieve call .
    I have formatted the mobile by tha service centre but all in vain!
    Now what to do ??

  60. hhafiz rahman


    I have been suffering from last 5 days due to phone signal problem.if I restart to phone completely signals down.after 3 hour or 8 hour signal sim 2 start.sim 1 no signal.why pls solve my problem.

  61. i cant connect wifi internet.its saying internet not available

  62. Samsung pro adivance is hanging and auto restart problem how to slove it

  63. have you set the date?

  64. Whenever I switch off my phone its date and time automatically gets changed into default date and time. it causes WhatsApp error. Please provide me a solution so that I can set permanent date and time which can not get changed when my phone is switched off.

  65. Sssrutibhusan


    My Galaxy Star Pro GT-S7262 showing a problem frequently ‘UNFORTUNATELY,TOUCHWIZ HOME HAS STOPPED’ & hanged for few seconds.What it’s solution.

  66. s7262 phone restart solution

  67. I have removed wifi from my phone. If i want to reinstall it what should i do? what would be the cost?

  68. mobile data network has stopped working all of sudden in my samsung duos. what is the reason and plz give any solution to sort it out.

  69. you also have to turn on data with hotspot

  70. power off phone when charger remove

  71. close phone when charger is remove

  72. Restart your mobile and keep it on auto network select mode…..

  73. do master reset and Complicate Formatting…

  74. Change Your Mobile And get new One………..

  75. u cann’t use it.

  76. How can I use full ram on samsung galexy star pro GT S7262

  77. i too have this problem,my sim card works on other phone but in my phone its showing no service but its showing of my contacts and what sim that is,then if i go to select network operator and search for a network it shows it will show “error while searching for a network”
    what i have to do??

  78. mmalik sikander shaheen


    I have suffering from last 15 days due to phone signel proublem.if i restart to phone completly signels down.after 3 hour or 8 hour signel sim 2 start.sim 1 no signel.why pls solve my proublem.

  79. solution for network problem

  80. My mobile is hang Please solution

  81. Turn off and turn on WiFi and bluetooth.

  82. i do your suggestion about “authentication error occured” but its still not working what can i do now

  83. my wifi not working
    hot to its problems solve ,,, please sent me

  84. download CCleaner. it will automatically clear the cache.

  85. prasanta naskar


    how to clear internet cache from my samsung galaxy star pro gt s7262?

  86. Follow the link to unlock:

  87. What is my backup pin code and how i can unlock my phone.

  88. does other sim work in the slot?

  89. my sim card doesn’t work on the sim slot. but the same sim works on other phone sets. And the freind I asked he told me that the emi no. or ime no. is not supportive. what is this? and what is the solution?

  90. i have sum gt s7262.i cannt have read my message, even receive alart tone and showing message that new message arrived….

  91. There are many causes for this. Uninstall unuseful apps, delete cache and update software of your phone.

  92. i have a phone s7262 samsung when switching off it hangs.

  93. my problem is dat my phone loses its battery faster… evn it takes 4-5 hours to fharge till 100%… even if I dont use d phone it loses it battery % every 4-5 mins… plz help me out !

  94. camera not working..!!

  95. Try
    forget network
    turn off cell phone
    turn off router
    turn on cell phone
    turn on router
    open WiFi in cell phone enter password press connect.

  96. I can;t connect on our wifi! It shows “authentication error occured” even though the password is correct! What should I do?!

  97. I think battery in your phone is old. Think about changing your battery.

  98. Hi, my phone problem is that it could not call and receive call. in calling it shuts down even in receiving … what should I do!!!

  99. Turn Bluetooth and tap on bluetooth option.Now open settings by tapping on the upper corner of the phone and then on rename. You need to rename your phone. In the settings you could see visibility. Tap on it and set.

  100. How to change bluetooth settings like name and visibility

  101. This star pro is hotsop tethering connected but no internet access. Not gooooooood. I will never buy again.

  102. Switch off your phone with enabled bluetooth and then switch on. Still it is not fixed, reboot modem or router.

  103. when i try to open wifi cell shows that authentication error. what i will do?

  104. after flashing official firmware the phones display appears white ?

  105. how to get my backup pin

  106. games are not working properly……..just like hang sometime what to do????????????

  107. You should go to service center.

  108. What if touch is totally useless

  109. Call service provider to activate.

  110. mobile data not on