Google Handwriting Search with fingers on Mobile, Tablet

It is like a dream that we make a symbol of letters with our fingers in Google Search Box and get our desired result or options. But, it is true, and Google has launched this feature for touchscreen Systems as mobile or tablets. Yes, the dream is converting into truth. The new feature is Handwriting, and when we activate this feature into our touch screen system, it starts to search in Google Search Box, writing words with our fingers only.

Once Handwriting feature is activated in mobile, or tablet, whatever you note keyword by the finger on device screen in Google home page, then it will come in Google search lists automatically. So, there is no need inbuilt Keypad. This feature will help us to perform search anything quickly without using keypad that occupies half screen of our device.

How to Start Handwriting feature in Touch Screen mobile device

At first, browse Google homepage in chrome browser.

  • Hit setting button which is found at the bottom in Google home page.
  •  A new tab is appearing. You find a Handwrite option and Check the box – Enable.
  • Click on save button to enable the Handwrite feature.
hndwrite enable in mobile
  • Try to load Google homepage again on your mobile handset.
  •  Handwriting feature is ready to run.

Activate Handwrite feature on the Tablet

Suppose, you have decided to activate Handwrite web search feature in your tablet under Google search then follow below tips

  • At first, open Google Homepage in your tablet.
  • Click on Gear Icon which is showing beside of sign in button (left panel).
  • Choose Search Settings Option from the drop down.
tablet search settings
  • In a new tab, hit on Handwriting button (it is found in right corner at the bottom). Now it will activate on your tablet.
  • When this feature is enabled on your tablet, type keyword by your finger anywhere on Google screen. Then you will find same keyword in search box directly.
  • If you want to insert long keyword in the search box, then type continue keyword from your finger and use arrows sign from search box to perform auto complete ahead.

Remarks –

Although, Handwrite feature will work in chrome browser (mobile and tablet support) only at this time. So its supported devices are –

  • Latest Android mobile devices (Version 2.3 or ahead) which having chrome browser
  • Android Tablet (Version 4.0)
  • iOS 5 supported device.

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