Google Recommended Best Security Tips for Android Phones

Privacy and Security are of a great concern nowadays for various Android phones. Google has created certain sites like Good to know to make aware the users about various security issues and tips to be safe from the sensible internet. Now, one does have to be concerned about the security issues while downloading or playing various games or apps on Android Phone. Google has introduced certain security tips, whose usefulness can make our device safe and secure. After following these tips you would be able to escape security and privacy issues in you Android Phones

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Best Security Tips for Android Phones

1. Locking of the device Screen:

One using whether a tablet or a Smartphone should always use the lock screen. It is certainly a very easy thing to do. It is important because in this bust world if our device is left anywhere, at least we will be least bothered that no one can pick our calls and look into our stuff. Hence, our stuff is safe. Simply one has to move to Settings > Personal > Security > Screen lock. One can use pattern, password or pin lock.

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2. Protection from distrustful apps:

Google simply blocks suspicious apps and hence it makes Google play store the best and safest place to get android apps. But still can provide its protection cloud , when we download any app from other places a window simply pops out asking that whether Google can scan it or not. One simply has to hit the OK button and the rest Google does.

3. Locate the lost device:

Google is going to launch an Android Device Manager with its help one can locate their lost devices by simply placing it on the map. In case of lost the device will ring loudly as possible even in silent mode. If it is being theft away than Google simply will erase all the data installed or saved in the phone.

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