Holo Text Clock Android App – Add Unique Features to Home screen

Holo Text Clock is an android app that adds unique features to Device Home Screen. It displays the current time at the interval of five minutes on Android Device. It shows sentence of the time on the screen describing the current time, such as IT IS EIGHT O’ CLOCK. It is look like a digital display. There are four dots at the bottom of this display. The dots represent a minute. So this holo text clock displays the current time of accuracy of one minute. Holo Text Clock is the best screensaver for my Android phone. You can see the time on the display when mobile phone is locked.

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Principally Holo Text Clock app is a grid crossword puzzle where the time is acme. It describes the time in five minute intervals. Holo Text Clock lets you set it as live wallpaper, a widget or just as a screensaver. It is also inbuilt with 7 themes.

Holo Text Clock Android App

Three different presentations of this app have been shown in the above figure.

Description about Holo Text Clock Android App

  1. Widget: – You can place this resizable Holo Text Clock widget on your main screen or display. By doing this you would able to see the current time with locked mobile phone or tablet.
  2. Live wallpaper: – You can use this app as your mobile phone’s live wallpaper. When you are on the main menu of your phone, it will display the current time. You would get a better feeling by using this app as a live wallpaper.
  3. Languages:- This app is available in six different languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. You can choose any one of them according to your need.
  4. Themes:- The app comes with seven different beautiful colorful themes installed in it: Holo Dark, Holo Light, Holo Blue, Holo Violet, Holo Green, Holo Orange and Holo Red. Select one of them which you like most. This feature is added to later versions of this app. This is Good feature overall.
  5.  Daydream:- You can use this app as a screensaver to have a beautiful animated clock display all the time instead of the simple one. When your phone is charging, Daydream prevents it from turning off after the display timeout and it will show you a Holo Display clock. Daydream is only available for Android 4.2 and up.
  6. Transparency:- You can adjust the transparency of the selected theme. You can adjust it with the option such as fully transparent, 75%, 50%, 25% and 0% according to your preference. It looks great when transparency is adjusted to 75%.

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Free and Paid version of Holo Text Clock Android App

There are two versions of this app one is paid version and another is free. The paid version is available at a cost of $1.49. It has features as live wallpaper, theme, and daydream. The free as well as the paid version has been installed by the 1000+ users. The downloading links for both versions are given below.

Conclusion: – The app Holo Text Clock is a great android app. It looks very good and beautiful when installed on your mobile phone for live wallpaper. This app is really beyond awesome.

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