How to Improve Concentration And Control Thoughts

how to concentrate mind photoHow to Improve Concentration – Keeping the mind engrossed in a work for a time being to get it perfectly done is difficult than said. It is a skill and takes years to acquire. However, in this busy world, time has become faster than light and to acquire such skills has become a dream. To increase work efficiency, acquiring this skill is of utmost importance. Whether, to top the exams, create a superb presentation or, driving a car skillfully cannot be achieved without concentration. Therefore, here are some tips to be applied:

  • Doing any work or gaining anything requires strong determination and urge to achieve it. Therefore, we should strive to achieve concentration. We should feel the importance of the work that we are doing.
  • Our mind is like sea where thoughts are like ripples. As the sea is never stagnant. In the same way, our mind also is never stable and is always filled with thoughts. We should not let our mind take a particular thought, rather we should let it pass by slowly and concentrate on our work.
  • The most important thing of all is distractions, which always disturbs us and never allows us to focus on our work. So, the place where we try to concentrate on a particular wok should be occupied by only those things and all other distractions should be removed.
  • A positive attitude should be always developed while concentrating. If , we are not able to concentrate, and we keep on telling ourselves that we cannot will only make matters worse. We should keep on telling that we are able to, and this thought itself gives a good feeling, and we are able to focus better. Thus goes the saying that a good start is half the work done.
  • There are many moments when we are very distressed, but, still we need to concentrate. We get angrier and our we lose control over ourselves. This is when Gandhiji’s Talisman works. He said that when you are distressed try to recall the face of the poorest of the poor you saw and think that your problems are not more than him, this will make you feel easy. This really works and reduces stress and focuses concentration.
  • The easiest way to concentrate is to do one work at a time. Doing multiple works at the same time produces stress and reduces efficiency. Doing 10 tasks one after the other concentrating on one task at a time is far better than doing 10 tasks at the same time.
  • Some tasks really take a long time and focused mind to complete. This is where the patience is checked. Concentration only comes with patience. It took 30 years for Swami Vivekananda to practice concentration which would never have been possible without patience. Reminding ourselves that how important the work is, thinking about good results of our task will help us concentrate patiently.
  • Practicing meditation is the best way to achieve concentration. By allotting a fixed time and place, the meditation should be practiced daily. Usually, by seating straight with legs folded and eyes closed, a word should be chanted which should be focused on. This helps a lot in soothing the mind and achieving concentration.

So, by following these basic steps any task can be performed very easily with full efficiency.

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