How to upgrade Skydrive Account to 25 GB free

It has been good news for every computer user. Storing data has now become much easier and reliable. Release of Google Drive made it a burning topic in the tech world and the competition is getting tougher. Microsoft Skydrive is letting the upgradation of the 7 GB data account to 25 GB. This is for a limited time, and it becomes extremely fast to upgrade. The upgradation is available for only Live Accounts registered before 22nd April 2013.
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New features available for the users of the Microsoft Skydrive

  • With the Skydrive, entire large files can be compressed to zip files with .zip extension and can be downloaded.
  • The most talked about feature is the integration of Skydrive with the Hotmail.
  • It even has a feature of integration with the desktop version of Microsoft Office.
  • It even supports PDF and Open Document Format with the Documents embedding.
  • Availability of the Microsoft Office web apps.
  • Photos that have been uploaded onto the Skydrive account can be viewed as slide shows.

How to upgrade the Microsoft Skydrive Account to 25 GB

Step 1: first of all make a login to your Skydrive account.

Step 2: make a click on the link: “Manage Storage”

skydrive upgradation

Step 3: this will lead to a page that will show various options of 25 GB and 50 GB. There is free Upgrade option.

Step 4: click on the option showing 25 GB and the account is instantly updated to that size.

keep skydrive to 25 gb storage

Step 5: this will lead to a page that will show a confirmation message of having upgraded the Skydrive account to 25 GB.

kydrivefree 25 gb storage process

Now, there are more reasons of having more data. So enjoy!

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