How to Recover Removed WebPage on Google Chrome

Have you ever face situation like recovering deleted WebPages or Websites on urgent basis? Certainly, you do face looming conditions on regular basis while accessing multiple webpages. Process of recovering deleted webpages was not in fashion in past. But Google has developed an application, which reverts all olden scenario.  The new Google app is known by ‘Web Cache’. However, I have made aware more and more Google Chrome apple to you in past. And Web Cache app is about to address into this article.

The  Web Cache application is developed by Google for its Chrome browser. The application functions easily after completion of installation on Chrome browser. It lets you to get back deleted Webpages or Websites quite effectively. As you know every search engine has Cache system to keep webpages in queue to produce at the time of asking. The principle of Cache system is applied to develop ‘Web Cache’ application. Now, I am going to show the way of installation as well as functioning of Web Cache application.

The process of Web Cache installation follows similar footsteps as I am about to derive.

  • To install Web Cache application, you need to access Chrome Web Store and search particular application. You may access Web Cache application directly from below web address. 
  • After finding Web Cache application, you will have to click ‘Add to Chrome’ button and allow permission to access your tabs and browsing activity. 
  • As soon as you push ‘Add’ button to install, an icon of Web Cache near about Chrome address bar appears. The Toolbar of Web Cache has options like Web Archive, Google Cache, Yahoo Cache, Bing Cache, CoralCDN, etc. You choose Google Cache option to get back deleted webpage through chrome browser. 

Download Web Cache application

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