How to Set windows 8 as Default in Dual Boot Computer

Sometimes users want to install more than one operating, as latest and its previous version, in their hard disk. Such condition is known as Dual Booting, which gives freedom from crashing either of operating. In such circumstances, users want to set newly version to set as default operating.
If a user wants to set Windows 8 as default Operating in his system then follow our suggestion. I am going to describe more than one method to make Windows 8 as default Operating in case of Dual Booting.

First method –  Set Windows 8 as default – 

  • Go to Windows 8 desktop mode from Metro screen and hit WINDOWS Key + R shortcut to start RUN.
  • In RUN dialog box, type msconfig and hit OK button.
MSconfig command in RUN
  • A new dialog box like System Configuration appears before you.
  • Go to the boot tab in the top panel. You may choose Windows 8 and click Set as default button.
  • Now click on Apply and OK button one by one to save settings.
set as default os link

2nd Method: Set Windows 8 as default in dual booting options – 

  • If Windows 8 and Windows 7 has been installed in your computer. Then restart your Windows 8.
  • you find choose an Operating System message box during startup.
  • Click Choose default or other Options at the bottom in this box.

Dual boot screen on startup

  • A new dialog box is showing – Choose the default Operating System.

Chane the default os

  • in next dialog box (Choose a default Operating System). Click on Windows 8 Icon.

Choose Default windows 7 in dual boot

Now Windows 8 has set as default in dual booting options.


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