How to improve Traffic and Rank of a Website – Link Building Tips

Link Building Tips – Getting enough traffic for a blogger is a great challenge. Some get it, and others fail. It is not because of their wrong approach or getting traffic for them is difficult. The problem is of spending wrong time at the wrong places. The best way to get good traffic is by getting good quality backlinks to optimize the blog for the search engines. Let us explore some of the link building tips:

  • Link Sources’ diversification: Getting high quality links is not only the matter, but getting these links from very diverse sources which make them very unique is the key. Getting 10 unique links from very diverse sources can make the blog very popular rather than getting 50 links from the same sources. The analogy can be made in winning an election where getting 10 votes from 10 different people is more effective than getting 50 votes from a single person. Therefore the key is to get good quality unique links.
  • Quality matters over quantity: The first thing to recognize for potential bloggers while creating the links is not the number of links they create, but the quality of each link they create. Due to people’s abuses, any link from any website does not work these days. Thus having a large number of links of less quality won’t work these days which used to in olden days. It is much better un getting quality sources’ quality links which might be as low as 100 help in search engine domination rather than getting 1000 links. Therefore it is rightly said to spend time on quality links rather than the number of links.
  • Consistently creating the links: The links should be consistently created which ensures a good chance of getting the traffic. Rather than 150 link creations on 1 day and 20 on the other day followed by 50 on the third day is not as effective as creating 12 links everyday for a span of 30 days. This ensures a good traffic.
  • Anchor text diversification and its use: The blogger who is quite acknowledged with SEO knows that the process of links becoming effective is not an easy one. The links must effectively give an explanation to the search engines of the links which should be made and the positions which should be ranked. To achieve this, a text is required to link to the blog rightly known as “anchor text”. Thus the gaining to any links becomes effective when the anchor texts are very diverse. Each link should have their own anchor text which is unique. Such as if a blog is being written on health, than the different anchor texts to create different links can be health tips, nutrition tips, and keeping well tips. These create a very effective traffic.

Hence, I hope that these tips might help you to become a very effective blogger and might help you to share your thoughts to much wider world.

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