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The appreciated fresh edition (Windows 8) of Microsoft has been come out on 26 Oct 2012. Many IT professionals believe that Windows 8 is capable to provide newest windows experience for both desktop and laptop users rightly.

In features, one is Windows 8 App store. Number of apps has been provided here. Even it daily updated with new apps for preference of users.  These apps come from productivity like entertainment, games, education, news and many more.

I have shortlisted a few best, awesome and freeware apps on Windows store which is helpful for Windows 8 edition. If you like to use, just install it from Windows 8 App Store.

1. Maps App

windows 8 maps app
While you travel long journey, Maps app assists you to find out the places or destination for which you are needed of. These may be restaurants, movies places, shopping malls, grocery stores, live traffic situations with directions and many more essential things.

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2.   eBay App

ebay app for windows 8
The eBay is popular for online shopping. Now windows 8 eBay app is attractive, freeware version and user-friendly. With eBay app, windows 8 start screen makes ebay to understand easily.

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3.  Dictionary App

dictionary app for window 8
Windows 8 store offers several dictionary apps. Therefore, you will not require to visit dictionary website in Internet browser. Dictionary app of windows 8 store provides each type of word solution with easy feature.
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4. Cook Book App

windows 8 cook book app
Cook Book is believed as one of the best app for part-time chefs. It presents over 30,000 methods to cook recipe with list of items, user evaluation and advice.

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5. Remote DesktopApp

windows 8 remote desktop app
Remote desktop app of windows 8 helps you to transfer files between both systems in similar work-group networking. Once remote desktop enabled, second system desktop screen can be accessed quickly.

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6. Lyrics App

windows 8 lyrics app

Lyrics app of Windows 8 will allow you to search lyrics online. It will also make possible you run it with remarkable interface. Lyrics app shows two sections. In left section, your can play song and in right section, you will view the lyrics of that particular song.

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7.   Howstuffworks App app for windows 8
The is one of the best technology related solutions websites. Really its latest app for Windows 8 provides bundles of outstanding articles, videos from the HowStuffWorks website.

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8. WordPress App

wordpress app for windows 8
As you know WordPress is popular blogging platforms at this time. Now windows 8 WordPress app has been developed for blogger. It provides simple interface, stylish display of every blogs with simple browsing of posts and share post link.

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