How to install Windows 7 and Windows 8 /10 on Pendrive

To install Windows Operating Systems (Windows 7 and 8) in Pendrive is simply outstanding. It will save time in re-install or uninstall current Windows version on your PC. Moreover, you may use such Windows Installed Pendrive on any computer quite efficiently.

While using a public computer, Windows installed Pendrive provides maximum protection and safety from data theft KeyLoggers applications. It proves worth to keep invaders away to protect Windows files. Seeing characteristic of Windows Installed Pendrive, when you intend to install Windows 7 or Windows 8 on your Pendrive to use later on, then follow remaining part of tips. It guides and shows the ways to install Windows version on Pendrive.

Ahead of installing Windows 7 or Windows 8 on your Pendrive, you are needed to arrange Original Windows 7 or Windows 8 ISO. After assuring to have ISO copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8, you have to get extracting software like WinRar or other and a higher storage on around 16 GB size Pendrive. Besides of above mentioned utility, you need to get GimageX Tool to assist in installing Windows on Pendrive. Anyone can grab GimageX tool from the bottom portion of existing tips.

pendrive 16 gb to install windows 7 and 8

When you get assured about essential utility arrangements, you may proceed step by step:

  • Extract ISO copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8 on your PC. You may use 7 Zip or WinRar applications to extract ISO copy of Windows version. Then after search ‘Sources’ folder. After then find ‘install.wim’ file.
  • Now connect Pendrive to your PC. It is noted that Pendrive should be virus free and not have any type of data.
  • Then install GImageX tool and click on ‘Apply’ tab that appears on the top.
  • Into Source File location, you need to put ‘install.wim’ extracted file path of the system drive.
  • After that enter Destination path as USB drive.  You may set path after pressing Browse button just after every option.
  • Then click on to ‘Apply’ button at bottom of existing GImageX screen. It takes a fair amount of time to apply above setting on Pendrive.
  • After completion of above process, you need to access Command Prompt and enter: bcdboot g:Windows /s g: (alphabet indicating ‘g’ is my Pendrive location. Pendrive location might be changed in your system as per availability of local drive)
  • Above command tends to receive the Booting file on your Pendrive.
  • At last restart your system and enter into BIOS settings and set priority to Boot from removable drives.

Download GImageX (utility) 

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