How to Upgrade and Install windows 8 from Windows 7

Windows 8 both beta version (consumer and Developer) has been launched by Microsoft in 2012. So you may upgrade easily to Windows 8 from Windows 7 from any of version of Windows 8. If you have Windows 8 bootable DVD disc then follow below tips.

Stepwise step tips for upgrading Windows 8 from Windows 7 on your computer

  • Open the computer explorer window and double click on Windows 8 setup icon on the DVD drive.
find windows 8 setup icon windows 8 user setting
  • Now Windows 8 setup process will start, and it will check your computer configuration and the required tools. Then it displays compatibility report on your computer.
windows 8 compatability test windows 8 compatability report windows 8 compatability report -2 windows 8 product key
  • Next window will copy the setup files of Windows 8 in few minutes from the DVD disc.
windows 8 setup copy files
  • Make a copy of Windows 8 setup files and then the next window displays three options –

Install Now

Install Windows 8 on another partition and

Install it later

windows 8 setup process
Remarks – If you want to upgrade from Windows 8 from Windows 7 then click the Install Now button.

  • Now Windows 8 setup process will verify your computer configuration for further installation procedures.
windows 8 setup message
  • Here you find the license terms window. Check the box- I accept the license terms and click the Accept button.
windows 8 accept licence
  • If you click on Noting button then Windows 7 will be upgraded to Windows 8 and click Next.
windows 8 nothing button
  • Next window will verify configuration in few minutes and click Next.
windows 8 checking setting
  • Now Windows will ask to reboot your computer.
windows 8 reboot
  • The setup process will start again after you reboot your computer and display the User Account Control tab and click on No button.
 windows 8 resume Installation image
  •  Select this option – Continue from where I left off to continue the setup process again and click on the Next button.
windows 8 select option image
  • Now Windows 8 setup is ready to get installeonin your computer. Click on the Install button.
windows 8 launch Install windows 8 install image
  • Windows 8 Installation Process will launch and your computer will restart many times automatically during setup session.
  • A successful installation process will start and you have to change the setting of the account setup.
  • In the Personalize window, choose your favorite background color and click on the Next button.
windows 8 personalize
  • In the setting window, you have to select Express Settings option.
windows 8 express setting
  • Next comes the Sign in window where you type your previous username and password of Windows 7 and click Next

windows 8 sign account image

  • Click on Skip button to access with recent create account during setup process.
windows 8 sign account setting windows 8 account setup
  • And now Windows 8 will be upgraded successfully from Windows 7.

You finally view an amazing windows 8 metro screen after loading it.

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