KB4499543 for Windows 10 1809 and KB4503900 1803 Dynamic Updates

Microsoft released dynamic updates KB4499543 and KB4503900 for Windows 10 1809 and 1803 respectively. Known as compatibility updates they will ease up the installation experiments on both versions.

These type of patches are optionally retrieved from the Windows servers when a feature update is installed. Furthermore, Microsoft also pushes this at the time of reset is performed during setup. The purpose of the whole thing is to mitigate any issues that could affect the setup through the updates. Go through – Windows 10 Cumulative Updates List.

KB4499543 for Windows 10 1809 and KB4503900 1803 Dynamic Updates

KB4499543 for Windows 10 1809 and KB4503900 for 1803

KB4499543 makes the installation easy when updating to Windows 10, version 1809. In the same way, KB4503900 ease up the installation of Windows 10 1803.

Downloading the patches are not prerequisite. You don’t need to restart your computer after you apply these updates.

KB4499543 will replace KB4490480 and KB4503900 will KB4492245.

How to get these updates

The updates will be installed automatically unless you haven’t disabled or paused Windows update. If you haven’t received, follow the method –

Step-1: Press Win & I, both at the same time and select Update & Security.

Step-2: Click on Windows update from the left hand hande.  side navigation pane. Click on Check for updates in the right.

Moreover, you can download the same from Microsoft update catalog site in Standalone package.

For Window 10 1809

For Window 10 1809


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