MetroTube For Windows 8 / 10 – A Feature Rich App to Play Youtube Video

Definitely there is no lack of supreme YouTube apps for Windows 8 in the Windows 8 store. But, Google has not released the official YouTube app yet for Windows 8. I have already covered several unofficial and free YouTube apps like YouTube+ and Prime Tube. Now windows 8 store has launched a new freeware YouTube featured app that helps you to search and watch YouTube videos on Windows 8 without opening a web browser.

The name of the app is MetroTube. Apps like Prime Tube or YouTube+, MetroTube supports user-friendly interface and comes with a straight set of features and options. The good news is that MetroTube is already available on the Windows phone store to download for windows phone 8. Users who are using other YouTube apps to watch videos on Windows 8, they can use a new feature-rich MetroTube app without delay.

Features of MetroTube app

  • The app capable to stream YouTube videos in following three video qualities:

High Quality – 360 Pixels

High Definition (HD) – 720 Pixels

Full High Definition -1080 Pixels

  • Look for new released or old YouTube videos through the provided different categories,
  • Create a favorite video list to watch later,
  • Type comments on selected video and replay.
metrotube app

How to use MetroTube app?

  • One of the most excellent realities about MetroTube app is that it facilitates you to sign in to your YouTube account so that you can access and upload new videos to view later.
  • The main interface of the MetroTube app presents watch later, favorites, uploads, and recently played options on the left side. It displays thumbnails of admired videos on the right-side.
  • While you scroll to the right of the main interface, it lets you view the categories in drop-down list. Clicking a category explains the well-liked videos in the chosen category.
  • MetroTube app streams High Quality (360 pixels) supported videos by default. You can change it to High Definition (HD) or Full High Definition quality under Options. To access the MetroTube Options, move the mouse cursor in the right upper side to highlight the charms bar. Then click on Settings option.
  • Besides, you can also set the favorite quality of a video using other methods. To do it, right-click anyplace on the MetroTube app screen and then click on Quality button.
  • If you want to add a presently streaming video to view later or in your favorites list then right-click on it and select watch later or favorite option.
  • When you stream a video, the MetroTube app shows the total number of views, likes, and dislikes published date, account name of the uploader, and all comments.

Visit the below-given windows Store link to install the app on your Windows 8 system.

Download MetroTube App

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