How to Download Project Spartan Web Browser on Windows 10

Microsoft had kept its words and the new web browser Project Spartan is out with the latest release of Windows 10 Build 10049. Project Spartan, the successor of Internet Explorer will now be the new default web browser in Windows 10. Back in October, when the first glimpse of Windows 10 was out, the news of Internet Explorer will be dead was like fire. Again in January, Microsoft announced about the Project Spartan, the default web browser of Windows 10. Today, the news becomes true, farewell to Internet Explorer and welcome to the Project Spartan!

With the release of Windows 10 Technical Preview in the past, users expected Project Spartan and Microsoft promised to bring it in the future builds. And at last, the day had arrived when Project Spartan, Microsoft’s web browser is ready to get downloaded for Windows 10 build 10049. But still, there are certain things that did not work properly. As Microsoft listed out the features of Project Spartan in January, not all of them are accessible in its debut. So right now, judging the new web browser will not do any fair to it.

In Project Spartan, for the time being, the digital assistant Cortana is limited to the US only. And also, the sneak of Spartan shows the updated Reading View mode but retaining offline and wandering across gadgets are not obtainable. You can see everything in the final release of Windows 10.

Well, if you are planning to take a look into the Project Spartan, we present you the two ways of downloading it in Windows 10. In this article, we present you the ways of downloading Project Spartan, the web browser in Windows 10.

Note: You should know that Microsoft has placed any separate link to Download Project Spartan web browser. So you need to download the latest build of Windows 10 (10049) if you want to possess the browser.

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How to Download Project Spartan Web Browser in Windows 10

There are two ways that allow you to download the Project Spartan in Windows 10. They are using:

  1. Windows Update.
  2. Windows Insider Program.

Using Windows Update

This method is possible if you are already using Windows 10 Technical Preview. Your system will automatically download the update and will install it. If you wish to learn more about this process, we request you to follow this link.

From Windows Insider Program

The next way to download Project Spartan is from the Windows Insider Program. If your download does not take place with the Windows Update, you can download an .iso file of the update and install it in your system.

To gather an entire knowledge about this download process you can go to this link and read the related article.

Windows 10 Technical Preview latest build

Wind Up

With few features but at last, the Project Spartan is out for the users.  The final release of Windows 10 will bring you all the promised features of Project Spartan. If you prefer to download it from either of the ways, go ahead. Also, let us know your reactions in the comments section below.

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