PSScriptAnalyzer v1.18.3 is Out to Prevent Leak of Runspaces [Windows 10]

PSScriptAnalyzer v1.18.3 is Out to Prevent Leak of Runspaces especially when continuously invoking the PSScriptAnalyzer cmdlets. In addition, it increases the minimum version of PowerShell Core to 6.2.0 because 6.1 is about to reach the end of its life this month.

Furthermore, this release modifies CommandInfoCache to implement IDisposable and clean up the runspace pool. It also updates Newtonsoft JSON to 12.0.1 as PowerShell 6.1 will go out of support.

PSScriptAnalyzer v1.18.3

PSScriptAnalyzer v1.18.3 came Out to Prevent Leak of Runspaces

GitHub brings forward the Download links of PSScriptAnalyzer v1.18.3. This latest version of the script got released a few hours before.

Simply, visit this page and download PSScriptAnalyzer version 1.18.3 which adds an important fix. Run it and it will prevent a leak of runspaces.

Source – GitHub Release Note

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