How to Recover Your Forgotten Mobile Password

Today almost every person has a mobile phone. Each person has his own private information as the message, photo, contact number and other data, which are kept in his mobile. They want that no one can see those data without his permission. These security tips are also useful if your phone is stolen. So if anybody wants to use password he can easily enable it. Go to the menu>setting>security>password and feed the 4 digit password and activate it.

But, sometimes what happens that people forget or lost their cell phone password. This situation is very painful. You will feel awkward when you will not be able to remember the password. But you need not to worry I will suggest some tips through which you can relieve from this problem and recover your lost password.

Here are few steps:

1. At first attempt those passwords which should be right according to you.

2. Yet it shows Wrong Password or Incorrect password, leave your mobile take rest and try to remember that password with a cool mind.

3. If both the steps got failure then try some unique 4 digit password as 1111, 0000, 1234. These are the default and most used number.

4. Still you don’t get success then try special 4 digit number which is related with you. For example, you can use your birthday year, ATM pin and other number if you can. It may give any clue that your password was after which some special occasion or work.

5. At last call your service provider if you can,t retrieve or find your forgotten password given steps  and you could not crack your phone password. The service provider will recreate the password and they will issue you a new phone password.

After getting the new phone password please write it down somewhere and hide it. It will work as a backup in cracking the password for the next time if you unfortunately forget the password again.

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  2. Sometimes simple problems embarrass people a lot.

  3. Mate, these four steps are as simple and a normal person already knows these steps i thought you have something unique and special for me anyways good post !! Thanks