T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999 How to Update to AOKP Android 4.2.2 Build 5 Jelly Bean Custom ROM

AOKP Android 4.2.2 Build 5 Jelly Bean is absolute new variety of custom ROM comparing to earlier versions.  As AOKP based Android 4.2.2 Build 5 Jelly Bean custom ROM is not official product of Google, but it is far ahead of the rest of the custom ROM. It brings customization like: Traditional Toggles, S Pen support, Navigation Ring and many more to Android devices. It supports multiple Android devices including with T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999. If you have T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999 device and wanting to update to AOKP Android 4.2.2 Build 5 Jelly Bean then follow rest part of the remaining article.

In process of updating T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999 on AOKP Android 4.2.2 Build 5 Jelly Bean custom ROM, you have to make changes in following ways:

  • Install ClockworkMod on your T-Mobile Galaxy S3 to support update installation process. It helps to flash ROM zip file on to your T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999 device.
  • USB driver of similar T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999 has been properly installed on your PC. It helps to make connection between PC and T-Mobile Galaxy S3 device. You may install the latest version of T-Mobile Galaxy USB drivers either from download driver page of this website by pressing below link:

Download T-Mobile Galaxy S3 USB driver

  • Keep T-Mobile Galaxy S3 data into other storage to avoid instant loss of vital data including Apps and Settings. While updating device to the latest custom ROM all earlier data might be lost.
  • Activate USB debugging function on T-Mobile Galaxy S3. It supports to transfer files from T-Mobile Galaxy S3 to connected PC.
  • Ensure that the device has more than 80% battery power to support whole update installation process. If the device suddenly switched off during updating, it harms such device and makes non functional.

Above mentioned steps should be taken well before updating T-Mobile Galaxy S3 on AOKP Android 4.2.2 Build 5 Jelly Bean.

How to Update T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999 to AOKP Android 4.2.2 Build 5 Jelly Bean Custom ROM:


Step 1

Update process begins with installing AOKP Android 4.2.2 Build 5 ROM and Google Play Apps on your computer.

Download AOKP Android 4.2.2 Build 5 ROM

Download Google Apps

Step 2

Now connect T-Mobile Galaxy S3 and PC via USB cable.

Step 3

After connecting to PC, you need to copy zip file of both Android 4.2.2 ROM and Google Apps then paste on SD card.

Step 4

Now switch T-Mobile Galaxy S3 device off and disconnect USB cable as well.

Step 5

Switch T-Mobile Galaxy S3 on into Recovery Mode. For this concern, you have to press and hold Volume Up + Home + Power button while turning device on.

Step 6

Entering to ClockworkMod recovery, wipe all data then scroll down and select ‘flash zip from SD card’.

Step 7

Again tap Power Button of T-Mobile Galaxy S3 to ‘choose zip fromsdcard’

Step 8

Now navigate Android 4.2.2 ROM zip file that is copied to SD card. You may navigate such Android 4.2.2 ROM zip by hitting Volume Keys on T-Mobile Galaxy S3. Then after select navigated ROM zip, using Power button. Once seeing confirm installation press yes to install updates.

Step 9

As soon as update process gets completed, go to ‘+++++Go Back’ and reboot T-Mobile Galaxy S3. The reboot option is available in Recovery Menu of your T-Mobile Galaxy S3.

Caution: The process shown above is trusted and it will be applied only in condition of updating T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999 on AOKP Android 4.2.2 Build 5 Jelly Bean custom ROM.

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