Search and Download YouTube Videos Easily with HeldenViewer

HeldenViewer is a freeware utility tool. It facilitates you to search and download YouTube videos simply without support of web browser. The HeldenViewer tool works nicely on every windows version and other platforms like Mac Linux or Lion OS X.

Download HeldenViewer’ Tool

Tips for How to use HeldenViewer Tool to Download YouTube Videos:

  • During setting up HeldenViewerTool on your computer, it will ask you to select the preferred video player for watching the downloaded YouTube videos. Then make sure to offer the installation path of your video player. You can change the location where the downloaded videos are saved, the quality levels selected by default and few other settings using the Options window.
  • The Main Interface of HeldenViewer Tool is simple. Under search results tab, users can search desired YouTube videos using keywords or through uploader name (author) in the left side.
  • After searching favorite YouTube items, click on Quality button to select between video resolutions (240p, 320p, 720p or 1080p).
  • It prompts Resume, Pause or Start Download button for a different action during downloading YouTube videos.
download youtube video

But there is one disadvantage of HeldenViewer Tool, you can’t playback the selected YouTube Videos directly on its main interface.

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