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Importance of Link Building in SEO – Links are the soul defining factors on which the pages rely to travel through the web. The links are like the pathways between different towns and here the towns are the websites. The more a town is interlinked with the other towns, the more important is it. In the same way, the more a website has a links, the more it gains popularity. A large portion of the search engine attributes are given to algorithms based on links. The search engines besides deciding the popularity and the ranking of the website also decide the genuineness of the website and other metrics like spam, authority and trust. The trustworthy sites are the one which create links to the other trustworthy sites. On the other hand, spammy sites are the one’s which have a lots of spams linked to them and very few trusted sites. Let us have a view of some of the attributes of link building:

  • Popularity on a global scale: The popularity of a website on a global scale is accessed through the number of links made to it on a global scale. The more the links from the trusted ones, the more well the website is. Websites like Wikipedia literally have tens of thousands of links attached to it. It is very important to get linked or create trustworthy links to get the trust of the search engines.
  • Links from topic-specific sites: a factor of popularity is decided from the links being built by the topic specific site than off-topic sites. To site an example, if a particular website is selling books on different genres ranging from educational topics to fiction, then more and more links should come from authors trying to publish their books or from publishing houses. These are the topic- specific sites. Now if a site selling books is linked with a site selling estate, then it is of no concern and is also termed as off-topic site linking. Thus, the more the topic specific links are made, the better.
  • Popularity through the anchor texts: The anchor texts are also the other deciding factors, which solely decide the popularity of the website. The more the links are pointed towards a page with the better keywords, the more is it linked, and gains popularity. Therefore the art of correct usage of keywords and the anchor texts should be mastered.
  • Earning a trust rank: A search engine not only sees the links of the websites, it also analyses their genuineness confirming that they are not spam. Estimates suggest that 60% websites on the Internet are spams. The links should be created from the trusted domains such as government websites, websites from non-governmental organizations, universities and others. This gives a good impression to the websites.
  • The neighborhood of a website: It is also one of the deciding factors of the site popularity. A spam link not only spams the website it is linked to but also spams all the other websites to which that other website was linked. Thus a community of spam websites are created, which is usually overlooked by the search engines. Thus it is better to stay away from this spider web of spammers by linking to the trusted domains and regularly analyzing that the links coming from other websites are not spams.

These SEO tips will surely help you getting a good ranking. Suggestions in the form of comments are always welcome.

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  1. Websites should be created search engine friendly but also keeping in mind it should look good to users also.

  2. I am totally agree with you James, then your site will be important for search engine.

  3. I am totally agree with you james, then your site will also be important for search engine.

  4. Getting backlinks from Topic specific websites are more important, with linkbuilding topic specific you can also get a few no visitors from that link.