How to Stop Your Email From Being Sold

Have you ever been thought to stop your email from being sold? Of course yes! After all, no one wants to disclose his personal data to anyone, especially hackers. Receiving spam is a common thing for mail users. You may wonder how the sender acquires your email address and other details to sends those spam messages.

However, you don’t need an eagle-eye to stop these spammers rather a little wariness is enough to prevent it. In this context, we will discuss how to Find out if your email address has been sold and How to stop. Read – Email Bombing Details and Ways to Fix it. Let’s start now –

Ways to Stop Your Email From Being Sold

Here is how to Stop Your Email From Being Sold –

First of all, find out if your email address has been sold

Have I Been Sold is a new service that allows you to detect if your email is being sold. Here is the procedure –

Step-1: Go to this link.

Step-2: Type your email address in the void box and make a click on Have I been sold.

Step-4: You view – “Your email is not on any sold list we are currently aware of! ?” means you are safe.

To be more secure, do a click on Let me know if I show up. The authority will inform you when they get your email address for checking in the future. This will help you to take action promptly when your email is being sold.

Step-5: But, in the condition, your email id is already sold, the online tool will show up by a message on the interface. You may request to delete it by clicking on Remove me from your database.

How to Stop Your Email From Being Sold

Stop your email from being sold

You can be careful in order to prevent this types of situations by following some guidelines on how to Stop your email from being sold –

  1. Use custom email domain preferably to beware of this issue Since this hosting charge is minimal so you can try without any doubt.
  2. Once you get a domain, set up a custom email provider.
  3. Now, Set up a catch-all address. The procedure of doing this may vary with alteration of providers. But there is nothing to worry about as every provider make you official instruction available.
  4. Set up a filter and configure it properly for your email address. For example, all emails starting with trap must go to the folder Trap or something like this.
  5. The most vital part to stop your email from being sold is using the different email addresses for dissimilar services. That means whenever you are going to share your email publicly then either sign up for a new service or register a separate account.
  6. When you notice that an unrecognized service has contacted you from an address that was obviously given out elsewhere then it is doubtful. For instance, coinmarketcap emails you to your trap-consensus 2018 address, that can be proof that Consensus has sold your email address and coinmarketcap has bought it. If this is something you agreed to when buying your Consensus ticket, fine. But if not, this is a big GDPR violation and both companies deserve to be reported.

When senders dig out your email address to forward spam to you –

  • If you have published your email address in public.
  • Or when you have signed up for web service.
  • The sender can also get your “mail address” when an account has been hacked that you are communicated with.

That’s all.


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