Top 10 Dictionary Add-ons for Firefox Mozilla

A software unable to run independently but when integrated with another software usually makes the experience of that software better. These are add-ons, and one of the best categories of add-ons is the dictionary add-ons as these do not require installation.
The advantages of using online dictionaries are they do not require installation, but the disadvantage is that those sites have to visit from new tabs. So, Firefox users get the privilege of using the dictionary add-ons which directly opens their webpage to view the words directly. Here are Top 10 Dictionary Add-ons for Firefox Mozilla:

Top 10 Dictionary Add-ons for Firefox Mozilla

  • FoxLingo: Google translate, some dictionaries along with the Wikipedia are combined to form this add-on. It has features like converting text to speech and checking grammar. The FoxLingo toolbar appears following a successful installation. The highlighted text pages can be translated to other languages and the meanings of those texts can be checked out in those languages or in the native languages in dictionaries such as Babylon, Wordnet or Wikipedia.
Top 10 Dictionary Add-ons for Firefox Mozilla
  • Dictionary tooltip: This add-on is the best example for those people who are eager to get references from various resources. It shows the meaning of the words from various dictionaries. The preference page can be changed to the desired language, dictionaries can be chosen and added and other features.
  • ImTranslator:  It is that add-on that removes barriers between people from various countries. It translates words between various languages being sourced by Google Translate. The translation is usually shown in the pop-up window after the phrase is selected and the button in the toolbar IamTranslator is clicked. It even shows the definitions in different languages besides teaching pronunciations and spelling checks.
  • Dict: It is a very useful add-on that shows meanings, definitions, and pronunciations of the words chosen in the pop-up window. The striking feature is it even suggests word which is similar to the word whose meaning is being found. It offers servers, which can be chosen.
  • Google Toolbar:  This add-on is one of a kind that helps in choosing the language in which the text is to be converted. It combines the features of Google Translate of listening to the pronunciation.
Top 10 Dictionary Add-ons for Firefox Mozilla
  • gTranslate: The easiest feature of this add-on is that it simply translates the selected words with a right-click. It shows the result in the context menu directly. The Open Dictionary can be clicked which gives direct access to the Google Translate page which shows complete translations.
  • Babel fish Instant Translation:  it the simplest of all Dictionary Add-ons for Firefox Mozilla which translates web pages into different languages with the help of Google Translator. The words can be selected, and the target language can be selected, and just a right-click shows the page in the language desired.
  • Dictionary Lookup Extension: This is extension is very informative with the inclusion of definitions, quotes and pronunciations and others. This information can be gathered by visiting After highlighting the word whose meaning is to be found out, just a right-click and a click on Define shows the meaning of the word. It is such easy.
  • DictionarySearch: The meanings are shown in the free dictionary by simply right clicking the selected words and clicking Search Dictionary for. It even shows pronunciations and even the thesaurus’s help can be taken.
  • Quick Translator: It translates the chosen words from the source language to the selected language with simple clicks. It can be always re
    lied upon.

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