Top 5 Sites to Get Fantastic Tattoo Designs

The tattoos are the trendsetter of this modern age. Getting the correct tattoo is the most difficult thing that all of us faces. And especially if you are new to the world of tattoos, you are definitely going to be confused. The tattoo that we get it done on our body parts should resemble our nature. If you are looking for the best tattoos then you are reading the correct article. Here in this post we will bring some websites that are counted among the top 5 sites for fantastic tattoo designs. All you need to do is browse these sites and get fabulous tattoos for yourself. You can see a great number of tattoo designs on these sites and they will definitely put you into awe.

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Top 5 Sites to Get Fantastic Tattoo Designs


Top 5 Sites to Get Fantastic Tattoo Designs

This website brings you new and interesting things about the tattoo designs. You will love this website as it has Japanese Tattoo Creator, Online Tattoo Maker, Tattoo Pictures, Tattoo Lettering Designer, Custom Tattoo Designs and Try a Tattoo. There are more than thousands of tattoos, ideas, designs and images for you. The talented tattoo artists of the website make beautiful and unique tattoo designs for you; for this they have a certain pay package. You can even try a tattoo on your own picture. This function is absolutely free. You can try different tattoo styles on your own photo. You have the access to print or save the image. The website also offers you to design your own tattoo with their unique browser-based software. It includes nearly 10,000 tattoo designs in 60 categories.

Tattoo Features

  1. Tattoo lettering designer.
  2. Free Japanese tattoo translation and design.
  3. More than thousand tattoo pictures.
  4. Let the website make a custom tattoo design for you.
  5. Try a tattoo on your own picture.
  6. Online tattoo maker.

Tattoo Johnny

Top 5 Sites to Get Fantastic Tattoo Designs

Tattoo offers you Tattoo Designs, Tattoo Test Drive, Tattoo Aftercare, Flash Sets, and Fine Art Prints. Search the tattoos by artists or by category. Tattoo Johnny avails more than 10,000 tattoos designs. Tattoo Test Drive kit has to be purchased from the website. The kit has tattoo test papers, clear transfer sheet and easy step by step instructions to use it. Select the pack as per your choice and purchase it. The website also provides a healing solution which will be delivered in 24 to 48 hours. You need to mention how many solutions you want to purchase and add the product to your cart list. Flash sets with different designs and in different sizes are available. The website displays you the number of sheets available in the pack. Get them by adding them to your cart list. Near about 500 Fine Art Prints are supplied. You can buy your favorite Fine Art Print.

Tattoo Features

  1. Most products need to be purchased.
  2. Many tattoo designs.
  3. Tattoo Test Drive.
  4. Tattoo Aftercare.
  5. Flash Sets.
  6. Fine Art Prints.

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Flash and Furious

Top 5 Sites to Get Fantastic Tattoo Designs

I got a bit amazed when I browsed the site. I couldn’t understand the language because I don’t know French! It’s a French based website. But while surfing the site, I totally got involved into it. The language is not at all a barrier. The smooth interface of the site will take you through more than 2500 designs. The home page exhibits you 6 different categories each having few numbers of albums and also displaying the total number of designs that the particular category holds. The homepage displays you the albums tab, latest uploads tab, comments tab, most popular tab, top rated and my favorite tab. Use the “Rechercher” option to search a particular design.

Flash and Furious Features

  1. It’s a French website.
  2. More than 2500 tattoo designs are accessible.
  3. 6 different categories are made.
  4. Search your desired tattoo from the search bar.

Chopper Tattoo

Top 5 Sites to Get Fantastic Tattoo Designs

This is the most famous website and has the best tattoo designs with it. This website has many award winning tattoos with it. Well, to get access of the tattoos, you have to become a member with the website. Chopper Tattoo is an online retailer. Several tattoo artists join this website and gets inspiration from lots of work. Being a member you can search, download and even print your favorite tattoos. You can browse the site through your mobile also. The website makes you convenient in a way that you don’t have to waste time in tattoo parlors going through the tattoo flash for hours in selecting a best tattoo. Chopper Tattoo also includes a stencil to their tattoo designs so that you can take it to your tattoo artist and get the tattoo done exactly to your expectations.

Chopper Tattoo Features

  1. It is an online retailer.
  2. Largest tattoo gallery.
  3. It’s has award-winning tattoos.
  4. Use stencils and get the tattoo done exactly the way it is.
  5. Thousand of tattoo designs with popular categories.

Tattoo Tribes

Top 5 Sites to Get Fantastic Tattoo Designs

This is an Italian website. Again you won’t get disturbed by the language. The website updates its designs very frequently. Tattoo Tribes brings you the tattoos based on the continents. The website also provides you a Polynesian tattoos and their symbolism. Use Virtualizer to see how your opted tattoo will look on you. You can easily download and print high-resolution tattoo designs. Get the stencil of the tattoos and get it done exactly as you wanted.

Tattoo Tribes Features

  1. Hundreds of free tattoo designs are available.
  2. Use Virtualizer and see how it would look on you.
  3. American, Asian, African, European and Oceania’s tattoos are listed in the website.
  4. Send your best pictures to the website and share with everyone.

Free Tattoo Designs

Top 5 Sites to Get Fantastic Tattoo Designs

Get free tattoo designs in this website. It gives you 101 tattoo advice for you. The websites offer you a tattoo translation. You can get any name translated in an exotic script. The text can be translated in many languages. You have to pay for a translation process. Free Tattoo Designs offers you traditional tattoos. The Placement & Style option tells you which designs are suitable to which body parts. There are more than 30 categories available with wide range of designs. You can save the desired design on your storage device.

Free Tattoo Designs Features

  1. Lots of free tattoos and pictures.
  2. Articles about a particular tattoo.
  3. 101 instructions about tattoos.
  4. Tattoos translation.


Now you don’t have to be carried away by others opinions. You can yourself browse the above websites and see yourself that which sites stands up on your expectations. You have been supplied with the information of those websites which charge for the tattoos and other functions provided by them. Again you have been provided information about the websites that give you free designs and free tattoo translation. Every website has some pros and cons with it. But you will select the best of them that fulfills your requirement. So browse the websites and start selecting the best tattoos.

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