Top 8 Tips to save Smartphone Battery

8 Tips To save Your Smartphone Battery

Currently every top-rated mobile brand companies such as Apple, HTC, Samsung and others have presented different feature supported Smartphones. Smartphone Provides miscellaneous choice of facilities and multi-functionalities to their users. And now Google’s Android is available everywhere. Smartphone permits users to access Internet, play games, watch live TV or videos and many more facilities.

But Smartphone battery lapses quickly between one or two days if you use its applications. As result Smartphone users have to plug charger time to time.

In this guide, I am going to explain 8 important tips how you can save your Smartphone’s battery (Android and iphone).

1.  Reduce brightness of Your display screen

If your Smartphone display is showing bright screen it consumes more battery power. Although most Smartphones have built-in extraordinary option like automatic brightness.

Once Smartphone display is adjusted into dim mode to reduce brightness it will save battery efficiently. It is also a nice tips to continue your battery life for long time.

2. Switching Off When Inactive mode

While Smartphone is switched on, it consumes more battery energy than unlocking. If you turn off it for a couple of hours during when you have less, use it is the best tips to increase battery power and life.


3. Turn off Vibrations

 Smartphone users often set vibrate for informing about incoming calls or messages while they are in theatre, meetings. Because in such places, users are compulsory to set vibrate mode to beware of any hindrances. Actually Vibrations consumes more power than ringtones.

If you disable or reduce extent of the vibrations on your Smartphone then it is the best tips to increase battery life.

4. Turn off Unused Apps From Background Modes

 Multi tasking capability is a general characteristic of Smartphone. As result, many apps are active in the background, prompts push notifications often on display or try to connect with network for update process without your information. In this case you need to stop these apps immediately either manually or with external apps so that you could save battery level.

On other hand, there are a number of important apps are present to control the multi-tasking capability in better modes. One such Android app is the Advanced Task Killer.

5. Disable GPS apps when inactive

Some particular GPS based apps like Google Maps, Facebook consume more battery than general apps.  For example – While these apps run in the background mode, it tries to send or receive signals or find out locations.  Then it consumes battery endlessly, and generally you are not alert about these hidden procedures. To boost your Smartphone battery life, you can turn off location services into GPS supported apps.

6. Disable wireless connection –  When Not In Use

Smartphone battery energy level is cut down whenever it searches network signals from either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. If speed of receiving signals is poor then chance of consuming battery power is more because it tries to find out good signals always.

In such conditions you should deactivate or turn off WiFi or Bluetooth if you have no purpose. One suitable mode is available like you can enable Airplane Mode on Smartphone to protect from weak signals.

7. Try to keep Smartphone in  low Temperature

In order to conserve battery power a lot, you should avoid to carry or leave your Smartphone to straight sunlight or high temperature places. If Smartphone is left in a parked car under the direct sun light for long time then the battery becomes hot. So, you should try to stay Smartphone in cool temperature.

8. Shorten Screen Timeout

You can cut down the screen timeout to save smartphone battery.  Under these settings, you have to decide that how long the Smartphone display will continue after you end interact with it.

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