Tips to Update Driver Software on Windows 10 Step by Step

Procedures to Update Driver Software on Windows 10 stepwise – When a particular device is attached to a computer it needs to perform and that is accomplished by the Device Driver. It is a computer program that operates the connected device. Now this driver builds a software interface to the hardware devices which enables the work of the devices. Your devices will not work appropriately in the absence of the drivers. So, the smooth performance of the devices is based on the drivers.

In this Windows 10 tip, we will show you the process applying which you can Update Driver Software on Windows 10 step by step of any of your device successfully. So, read the below steps carefully!

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How to Update Driver Software on Windows 10

  • Open your Windows 10 Control Panel.
  • Click on Device Manager.
device manager on control panel
  • A new Device Manager window appears on your screen.
  • Now look for the driver whose software you want to update.
  • Suppose, I want to update the driver software of the keyboard.
keyboards on device manager
  • To do so, I will double click on the Keyboard option or rather will expand it (you also expand your required device).
  • Now right click on the submenu of keyboard option (right-click on the option that you get after expanding the device).
Update Driver Software on Windows 10
  • Select Update Driver.
  • After clicking for the update, you will get a dialog box asking you How do you want to search for driver software.
  • Click on the Search automatically for updated driver software.
search automatically for updated driver software
  • The second option Browse my computer for driver software indicates that you have the software stored in your computer and will be updated from there.
  • If the software is installed then you will get the below message or else the installation will take place.
the best driver for device is installed

So, the Update will be completed in a few seconds.

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2 thoughts on “Tips to Update Driver Software on Windows 10 Step by Step

  1. Catherine Robinson says:

    Yesterday my sound drivers were not working. I followed the advice of Windows 10. I uninstalled the drivers that were having problems, now my computer can’t find drivers to download. I changed from Windows 8 to Windows 10 a few months ago.
    How do I find drivers for my sound and USB port? Help I’m stuck!
    I did try to do a restore and it didn’t work.

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