What is the Z96 File Type and How to Use it

Z96 File extension meaning and how to open and use this format on Windows.


A great number of file extensions are used by many software for format on Windows. Well, one such that you come across is Z96 that is in association with WinZip, Power Archiver Zip File, etc.

However, speculations are there that the z96 file extension has also been used by Microsoft Bookshelf, but there isn’t any current information about the same. So in this article, let us have a look at what is the Z96 file extension and how is it being put to use.

Z96 File Type

Z96 format or extension is a “Split Multi-volume WinZIP compressed file archive”. This means that there are times when a single ZIP file is compressed into multiple volumes and each volume is defined as z01, z02, etc. Thus .z96 is considered to be a part of one such ZIP compressed File.

Furthermore, the extension is known to be associated with WinZIP and Power Archive ZIP File. There are others as well which uses similar features and extensions.

WinZIP or Power Archive uses this split file type for multi-volume archives such as for the first volume it uses .zip or .exe (SFX). Similarly for any additional volume further it uses .z01, z02, z03, and so on. Moreover, you open this file type both on Windows and Mac OS.

How to Use this Format

To open the z96 file extension, you need to have all the parts of that Compressed file. As indicated earlier .z96 is only a part of the file. Once you have all the parts, all you need to do is simply download the official WinZip or Power Archive applications on your system. Simply click on the file and extract all the information on your desired location.

  1. As an alternative, you can right-click on it and choose Open with.
  2. Now select the type of file you want it to open with and extract thereafter.

Moreover, the easiest way how to convert the complete ZIP multi-volume archive or the z96 file extension is to decompress the ZIP archive with the use of WinZIP. Now, repack the content with another compression or archive application of your choice.

That’s all!!!

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