Which is the best Browser – Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer

The real experience of the Internet comes from its speed. Obviously, a person on a video call would want a live smooth streaming of the video rather than in the form of images like slide show. It is all about buffering and the speed. The existing Windows web browsers are coming up with new versions every day.

They are adding new attractive features and are speeding up to give a smoother experience. This is a small survey that shows the comparison between four different web browsers namely Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, and Opera. The comparisons were made making the base of the following features: Cold Boot-Up, Tab Loading, URL loading, Cold Restore, Java Script, DOM/CSS Performance and Memory Usage (with 9 tabs open). Here goes the survey:

Which is the best Browser - Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer

Cold Boot-Up

This is the time that makes most people lose patience as it is the time for opening the browser and typing the address in the bar to open the pages. Chrome proved to be the clear winner with the time of 2 seconds followed by Internet Explorer and FireFox. The Opera also had new updates coupled to it.

Winner: Chrome

Tab loading

This test consisting of loading at least 9 tabs from Facebook to Twitter and others. Opera though having the shortest Cold Boot-UP time failed this time and the winner was FireFox followed by Opera and IE. Chrome came out to be very slow and was placed in the last slot.

Winner: Opera

URL loading

Though Chrome was slow in loading tabs but it became a clear cut winner in loading sites form address bars followed by FireFox and IE. Opera was the slowest. Chrome was super fast in loading pages that were previously visited.

Winner: Chrome

Cold Restore

The nine tabs previously opened were closed and the browsers were again opened and it showed striking results in loading the previous sessions. Opera and FireFox proved quite intelligent as it loaded one or two tabs at a time and making it faster. On the other hand Internet Explorer and Google Chrome tried to load all the pages at the same time and became very slow.

Winner: Opera

Java Script

Chrome was the winner followed by FireFox , IE and Opera.

Winner: Chrome

DOM/CSS Performance

This survey was same as the JavaScript survey. Opera was clear cut winner followed FireFox, Chrome and IE.

Winner: Opera

Memory Usage (with Nine Tabs Open)

It had all the browsers on the same platform. The memory usage of Internet Explorer and Chrome was same and it was 400 MB, while FireFox was 310 MB and Opera at 325 MB.

Thus, combining these various results, overall we can see that Google Chrome was the best followed by FireFox Mozilla, Opera, and Internet Explorer. Now, its all about browsing experience.

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  1. I found it confusing that you considered firefox, which won 1 in 7 categories, better then opera, who won 3 in 7, the same as google chrome. Besides, in the memory usage, Opera beat Chrome. I’d like a clarification on that…

  2. My bro bookmarked this web page for me and I have been going through it for the past several hours. This is really going to assist me and my classmates for our class project. By the way, I like the way you write.