Windows 8 All Shortcut Keys for Desktop Keyboard Complete List

As windows 8 is new and different from earlier versions of Windows, obviously shortcuts to operate it would be also variant. Besides it Windows 8 will require more and new keyboard functions to work with than Windows 7, XP and Vista. This is why I have decided to present all shortcut keys and key combinations to run windows 8. So cast an eye below:

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Windows 8 All Shortcut Keys for Desktop Keyboard Complete List

Important Windows Key Combination shortcuts

Windows  key – Toggle among desktop mode and the previous opened application
Windows key + B – Choose the first entry in the Notification Area and then use the arrow keys to round
Windows key + Ctrl + B – Access the program that is showing a significance in the Notification Area
Windows  key + C – Start Metro Charms bar
Windows key + D – Show/Hide Desktop Screen or minimize/restore all windows
Windows key + E – Start Computer Explorer window
Windows key + F – Start File Search Window
Windows key + Ctrl + F –  Search Computer’s widow
Windows key + I – Start Settings Charms bar
Windows key + H – Start Share button in Charms bar
Windows key + K – Start Devices Charms bar
Windows key + L – Lock Computer
Windows key + M – Minimize all active windows at a time
Windows key + Shift + M – Bring back all minimized windows
Windows key + O – Lock Screen Settings
Windows key + P – Start Second Screen panel
Windows key + Q – Start Apps Search window
Windows key + R – Start RUN Command Dialog box
Windows key + T – Round through the items on the Taskbar
Windows key + W – Start Settings Search Window
Windows key + U – Open Ease of Access Center
Windows key + V Displays all active notice
Windows key + X – Start Windows Tools menu Panel
Windows key + Z – Displays App bar when you are accessing Modern Desktop App
Windows  key + Tab – Start Desktop mode Taskbar directly
Windows key + Shift + V – Display active Toasts/Notifications in reverse order
Windows key + Pause/Break  button – Start System Properties Window


Special Windows key shortcut

Windows key +. –        Shift the screen come apart to the right
Windows key + Shift+. Shift the screen comes apart to the left
Windows key + Print Screen SYsRQ button –   Capture a screenshot of the active screen and automatically Stores it in the Pictures folder like Screenshot.
Windows key + Enter Launch Narrator tools
Windows key + Up Arrow key Maximize current window
Windows key + Down Arrow Key Minimize/restore current window
Windows key + Home Minimize current window
Windows key + Right Arrow Tile window on the right side of the screen
Windows key + Left Arrow Tile window on the left side of the screen
Windows key + Shift + Up Arrow Enlarge current window from the top to the underneath of the screen
Windows key + Shift + Left/Right Arrow Move the current window from one monitor to the next
Windows key + F1 Launch Windows Help and Support
Windows key + 1..10 Start a program pinned on the Taskbar in the point identify by the number
Windows key + Shift + 1..10 Start a new example of a program pinned on the Taskbar in the point identified by the number
Windows key + Ctrl + 1..10 Right to use the last active example of a program pinned on the Taskbar in the point identified by the number
Windows key + Alt + 1..10 Right to use the Jump on List of a programs pinned on the Taskbar in the position classified by the number through the things Press Enter to open the preferred thing.


Alt Keys Combination Shortcuts

Alt Show a hidden Menu Bar
Alt + D Choose the Address Bar
Alt + F Exit from the current window , Launch the Shutdown dialog box from the Desktop screen directly
Alt + P Show the Preview Panel  in Windows Explorer
Alt + Tab Round forward through open windows
Alt + Shift + Tab Round backward through open windows
Alt + Right Arrow Show the next folder
Alt + Left Arrow Show the previous folder
Alt + Up Arrow Lift one folder stage in Windows Explorer
Alt + Enter Launch  the Properties dialog box of the selected item
Alt + Print Screen SYsRQ button Capture a  screen shot of the active Window and put it in the clipboard
Alt + Spacebar Right of entry the Shortcut menu for current window
Alt + Esc Round among launch programs in the order that they were launched


Shift Key Combination Shortcut

Shift + Insert Start CD/DVD Auto play or Auto run
Shift + Delete  Permanently remove the item (Before transfer it to the Recycle Bin)
Shift + F6 Round backward through elements in a window or dialog box
Shift + F10 Access the context menu for the preferred item
Shift + Click choose a uninterrupted group of items
Shift + Tab round backward through elements in a window or dialog box
Shift + Right-click on a Taskbar button Access the context menu for the preferred item
Shift + Click on a Taskbar button Start a new example of a program


Ctrl key Combination Shortcut

Ctrl + A choose all items at a time
Ctrl + C Copy the preferred item
Ctrl + V Paste the preferred item
Ctrl + D Remove the preferred item
Ctrl + X Cut the preferred item
Ctrl + Z Undo an action
Ctrl + Y Redo an action
Ctrl + N Open a new window in Windows Explorer
Ctrl + E choose the Search box in the upper right area of a window
Ctrl + W close up current window in Windows Explorer
Ctrl + Shift + N Generate new folder
Ctrl + Shift + Esc Launch the Windows Task Manager
Ctrl + Alt + Delete Access the Windows Security screen
Ctrl + Alt + Tab Use arrow keys to round through open windows
Ctrl + Tab Move forward through tabs
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Move backward through tabs

Function Keys

F1 Display windows related help page
F2 Rename a file or Folder
F3 Open Search window
F4 Display the Address bar list
F5 To access Refresh action
F6 Round ahead through elements in a window or dialog box
F7 Show command history in a Command Prompt
F10 Show hidden menu bar
F11 Toggle full screen display

Other Some important Keyboard keys For Windows 8

  • Print Screen SYsRQ  Key

Capture a screen shot of the whole active screen and put it in the clipboard or Target Folder.

  • Tab Key

Round forward through elements in a window or dialog box

  • Home Key

Shift to the top of the active window

  • End Key

Shift to the bottom of the active window

  • Delete Key

Delete the chosen file or folder

  • Backspace Key

Show the previous folder in Windows Explorer. Lift one folder stage in Open or save dialog box

  • Esc Key

Close Metro Charms bar.

  • Ctrl + Mouse scroll wheel

Enable  Zoom in or Out  on the Desktop Window.

  • Page Up Key

Scroll forward on the Metro screen

  • Page Down key

Scroll backward on the Metro Start screen

  • Ctrl + Esc Key 

Toggle among Desktop screen and the last Opened application.

Hope these Windows 8 key combinations will be milestone for you to run PC.

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