How to Pay Electricity Bill Online in Bangalore

It is needless to say that method of Online Payment of Electricity consumption keeps consumers away from long queue. Almost every Electricity Board of Indian States are following or about to follow the way of accepting Online Payment of utilities bills. As you know Electricity Board of Karnataka has been decentralized into BESCOM, MESCOM, HESCOM, GESCOM, CESCOM. At present, Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited (BESCOM) accepts Online Payment of Electricity Bill from consumers of Bangalore Urban & Rural, Kolar, Tumkur and four other districts. Now, I am addressing issue of ‘how to pay Online Electricity Bill online in Bangalore‘.


To accept Online Electricity Bill Payment, users have to access BangaloreOne portal. Besides B1 Portal BESCOM is tied up with BillDesk, which offers simple and secure way to pay electricity bill. BillDesk has a large range of options as Net Banking, ATM, Tele Banking or Mobile Banking to accept online payment by consumers. Therefore, users have more than single option to make online Electricity Bill payment. Both options are to be described here. First option which accepts Online Electricity Bill Payment through BangaloreOne Portal will be discussed first and then another option called ‘BillDesk‘ service will be discussed.

To ease up act of Online Electricity Bill Payment  you need to follow these successive steps: –

  • Access BangaloreOne Portal and go to Payment Service option and choose BESCOM service.   You may access BangaloreOne Portal easily after Clicking Bangalore One
  • After that click Viewing and Paying Bill option and make login or Register yourself (new user)
  • Now put your Accounts ID, which is available on earlier Electricity Bill receipt.
  • Then select mode of payment. As you know BangaloreOne Portal accepts online payment only through Credit Card (Visa or Master Cards).  But remember BangaloreOne portal does not allow partial bill payment.

Another option called ‘BillDesk‘ also allows user to make Online Electricity Bill Payment. The method of online Electricity Bill Payment will execute as follows:

  •  Click on to BillDesk Web portal whereas BESCOM service available. To access it Bescom
  • After then Register yourself
  • Then after fill up payment authorization form
  • Finally choose payee

Note: As mentioned above BillDesk service has lots of Banking Partner to accept Online Electricity Bill payment in Bangalore. These Banking Partners are: Bank of Baroda, Bank of Maharashtra, Central Bank of India, State Bank of India, Syndicate Bank, Union Bank, ING VYSYA Bank, DCB Bank, Deutsche Bank, IDBI Bank, HDFC Bank etc.

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15 thoughts on “How to Pay Electricity Bill Online in Bangalore

  1. Process is written in the post.

  2. hey how to pay online electric billa pay!!! please reply me

  3. Very good evening

  4. Abinash Sahoo says:

    how to tag Multiple Account IDs to a Single User ID in BESCOM ?

    Please reply.

  5. Yes, service charge is included in your bill. It is 1% on the bill.




    Are there service charges payable on the basis of BESCOM bill amount paid, when we use any of these online payment channels ?

    Could any one clarify ?


  7. This website really clear my headache by providing me the details of online electricity bill payment otherwise I need to go in office and to stand hour’s in a queue. Thanks for this useful info.

  8. Santosha Naika says:

    how to tag Multiple Account IDs to a Single User ID in BESCOM online registartion? Can anybody REply to me.
    Thanks and Regards
    Santosha Naika

  9. Hi Vishwa, Did you finally got the R R no and Bill? Same case is happening with me also. I got RR No but which is incorrect..

  10. Hi Vishwa, Did you finally got the R R no and Bill? Same case is happening with me also. I got RR No but which is incorrect.

  11. P S VISWAMBHARAN says:

    I hve applied connection for my house, but the electrical contractor giving hell of problems. Though power connection given, I am yet to get the RR number and also first bill. Contractor says it was allotted but he is playing with that. Location: Ramamurthy Nagar.

  12. There should be a way where without seeing the meter by entering the address, phone number and customer’s name; you are able to get the RR number

  13. Yes, sometimes due traffic crowd the website goes low.

  14. Shivendra Sinha says:

    Connecting to the website sometimes is really difficult.
    Is there a good or bad time of the day when connection is easier

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