6 Best Tips to Boost your Galaxy S4 Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been launched with a larger battery, screen and more resourceful processor. The S4 assures to go on a usual day at any cost with a bigger battery than its previous Galaxy phones. But, its slightly larger screen and different type of user-friendly features make it feature-rich smartphone. Similar to other smartphones, the S4 often needs a nightly charge while you stream online video or surf internet a little in a busy day. Extend Galaxy S4 battery life with some integrated features and little-known tips that keep your Galaxy S4 safe from draining speedily.

To Boost Galaxy S4 battery life, try out following best tips yourself.

1. Turn off  unnecessary features

The Galaxy S4 has introduced new features like Air Gesture and S Voice. You need to remember that both features consume extra battery power, even while you are not using them. If you don’t need to run these advanced features, it is perfect option to disable the unused features.

By chance the Galaxy S4 reveals few enhancements that let you turn on or turn off these built-in features quickly. To do it,

  • Swipe down from the top side to bring the notification bar and tap on the icon in the upper-right corner.
  • Now tap to turn off any unused running features that you’re not using. For example – GPS, Sync, Air Gesture and S Voice.
galaxy s4 notification bar

2. Turn on  Power Saving feature

It is a fact that the high-resolution or brightness based screen always squeezes about 50-60% battery power. When you are seeing low percentage of battery power on your S4 screen, you need to extend the battery power to stay for extra minutes. In this stage, the built-in Power Saving feature is a perfect solution. Once it is turned on, your S4 phone’s CPU speed will be depressed and the screen brightness will be shortened. Besides, the running background and colored theme of the S4 screen will try to consume less battery power as possible.

To turn on the Power saving feature,

Go to the notification bar and tap on the icon in the upper-right corner.

3.  Adjust the limited screen timeout to save battery power 

The main reason of reducing the S4 phone battery power percentage takes place due to bigger and brighter screen. To save the battery power on your S4 device, add the brightness shortcut in the notification bar. Then apply the shortcut on the screen when you need. In addition, Galaxy S4 users have to adjust the screen timeout to a low setting for growing the battery power.

To adjust it,

  • Start the Settings and tap on My device tab at the top side.
  • Scroll down and tap on Display timeout option.
  • Here set the lowest option (1 minute) that you like.

4.  Set the Black wallpaper, Theme on S4 Screen 

The darker or black wallpaper squeezes less battery power of the S4 phone. Your Galaxy S4 phone screen is designed of high-resolution pixel that displays HD screen. When these pixels are disabled by screen settings, you get the screen as black or dark background. Suppose if you set a black-supported dark background on your Galaxy S4 screen then it can really shut off definite parts of the screen. Though, the S4 device doesn’t come with any dark backgrounds by default. Then you have better option to download black or dark based themes, wallpaper from the web and feel how much it changes your battery life.

5. Find out the unused running app and disable it 

When the S4 phone battery is draining swiftly without reasons the built-in battery features are more helpful where, you can disable the running unused apps and adjust the screen brightness less.

To track the most caused running apps and settings that use the more battery power of S4 phones.

  • Go to Settings and tap on More option.
  • Then tap on Battery option.
  • Now you will get a list panel of the running apps and procedures together with their battery usage in the percent style.
  • At the bottom, you will get a usual system features and some built-in apps like Google Maps. Now find out and disable the running most battery-sucking app in the background.
galaxy s4 unning app

6. Advice to keep an extra battery 

After reading above all tips carefully, you can’t afford a dead battery. If you have a Galaxy S4 smartphone and want to get more benefits for a long time then carry extra official S4 battery everywhere. The extra S4 battery should be fully charged and be in your bag.

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  1. thanks Milliamps.

  2. Steve Milliamps


    This is a great little read, on my S4 I found that using the Power Saving feature really does work. I did get the best results from rooting my device. I also use an incredicell extended battery that make the world of difference.

  3. Galaxy s4 battery has backup a lot. i have purchased it few days back of cost 42.586 rupee.
    thanks for this nice info…………..