11 Best Android Apps 2012

Android supported mobile or tablet is mostly found among us nowadays. There are many advantages of android devices. With this device we get updated weather forecast, current news, play latest videos, watch live cricket and many more.


Therefore, android is playing useful part among our life. Apps help Android Device in making many features and facilities available. Android applications (app) can be put in various categories – Automation , Games,  Photography, Security, Social Networking, Reading, Health and fitness, System utilities, Weather and news. Here, we are going to tell some more important apps, which will be helpful as well as enjoying for us category-wise.


  • ADownloader

When we want to download multiple movies or software at a time in android device, then ADownloader  is useful.  This app helps to add multiple files at same time. We may resume, pause, stop and restart downloading as per our choice. This app helps us to resume downloading files anytime without broken link.

  • Auto Memory Manager  app –

This app is used to display complete memory information of our android devices. It also tries to manage disk space of internal memory.

  • Beautiful Widgets app –

The Beautiful Widgets app supports us to set android phone screen in the custom style (weather report, time, Battery condition and another tools). One of the best feature of this app is to help to make android screen user-friendly.

  • Dolphin Browser HD app –

Dolphin Browser is recognized as best browser app in android phones with latest features like Flash supporting, voice search tools.

  • History Eraser Pro –

History Eraser pro app is used to remove unused file, cached file, temp file, phone history, message history, internet browser history and many more. So that performance of android phone is improved.

  • Lookout premium for Android app 

In the case of missing android handsets, theft or wiped out condition occurs then Free version of Lookout Premium app helps us to find the missing handset. it decides the location of the handset. This app repairs original settings and takes regular backup. The premium version supports recovery features – Safe browsing, remote locking, app authorization management and advanced backup of data.

  • Mr. Number app –

Whenever we face a lot of unwanted call and message from Telemarketing Company Mr. Number app is used to block unwanted calls and SMS forever in android phones. This app helps us to add these numbers in the blacklist category.

  • Opera Mini 7 app –

For android device, Opera Mini 7 is best fastest and well-matched mobile browser. We can browse multiple WebPages at a time with high-speed in android devices.

opera mini 7 app

  • Skyfire Web Browser 4.0 version

This is fast mobile web browser with flash supporting for android phones. An additional feature in this browser is added a scroll toolbar at the bottom. It is used to instant access for Facebook sharing, video play, run favourite WebPages regularly.

  • Tiny Flashlight + LED –

This app is used to switch android phones in great little lantern. it enable screen brightness and flash bulb for inbuilt camera so that user may find adequate light to watch shady locations properly.

  • X-plore –

X-plore app controls android file system. It is used to perform several file operations such as Copy or move files, rename file name, create new folders. Through X-plore apps, we can use Picasa albums apps, Zip and extract files, search shared folder in the network directly.


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